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Green zebra

Paper details Lisa Sedlar, CEO and founder of Green Zebra was preparing for a $10 million raise from venture capital funders, to finance a West Coast expansion of her convenience store chain, Green Zebra Grocery. Lisa Sedlar describes Green Zebra’s market positioning as a “cross between a Whole Foods and a 7-11”. The mission of Green Zebra is “to make healthy, natural, and organic food accessible to all, particularly in dense urban neighborhoods where there are fewer fresh and organic grocery options.”

Urban convenience stores dedicated to food retailing were a growing trend among the incumbent operators such as Kwik Trip Inc., Quick-Trip Corp., and 7-Eleven. These firms were responding to competitive pressures in the urban convenience store market as Walgreens, Amazon, and discount retailers began to test various convenience store formats. Shortly after her press release announcing plans to expand the Green Zebra chain, Amazon announced a 3,000-store national expansion of Amazon-Go.

Sedlar needs evidence that would validate her current value proposition, or she needed to make the decision to revise her customer value proposition and demonstrate that Green Zebra offered a differentiated advantage in the convenience store market. Sedlar could not conduct a full-scale customer survey to validate her current customer value proposition, so she used social media content (online product reviews, Instagram photos, or blog posts) as the source of data to develop customer insights.
Answer the following questions:

Describe the themes that were extracted from user-generated content, and used to analyze Green Zebra and its competitors.

Describe the specific analytical techniques that you would use to analyze the customer posts.

What are the major positive themes for Green Zebra?

What are the areas of improvement based on user-generated content?

Describe the convenience store market using Porter’s 5 Forces framework.
What is the customer value proposition of Green Zebra? Do the data support the customer value proposition? Explain specifically why or why not.

Should Sedlar pivot her strategy? Explain specifically why or why not. If she pivots, what assumption/uncertainty should she test first?

Descriptive Statistics

Paper details Create an individual Excel document for each of the required items. Be sure to show your work:

Conduct an analysis of your project data. Prepare the items below based on the data from two of the variables in the data collection instrument.
Determine the mean, median, and mode for each of the variables.
What is the variance for each set of data for each of the variables?
What is the standard deviation for each of the variables?
What is the probability that each event occurs in each of the two variables.

Identify a peer-reviewed article that presents statistical analysis of a pertinent topic of public health

Identify a peer-reviewed article that presents statistical analysis of a pertinent topic of public health interest or importance. Provide a link to this article and give a brief summary of the article, including hypotheses, methods, and findings. Research the topic and available data sources. On the basis of the biostatistical methods, analyze the article and its findings.

*What data are available on this topic?

*What data does the article use?

– Discuss the level of measurement, assumptions that can be made, statistics that can be

-calculated from these data, and the general quality of the data.

*What is the type of study or study design used?

-Explain the type of biostatistical study design that the author has used.

-Describe the hypothesis or hypotheses that the author intends to test.

-Explain the statistics that the author uses to test these hypotheses.

*What are the article’s statistical findings?

-Describe the statistical results of the author’s analysis.

-Provide a substantive interpretation of these findings (What do the results mean in relation to the hypotheses and the public health topic?).

-Describe the author’s recommendations about this topic based on his or her findings and hypotheses.

*If you had been the author, what changes, if any, would you have made in the study you analyzed?

-Discuss whether the author made any statistical errors.

*Were the correct data used for the questions asked?

*Were the correct data available?

*Were the correct statistics used for the data available?

*What other data might you want to collect and why?

*Do the statistical findings support the author’s conclusions?

Why Should Companies Design Based on the Normal Distribution?

Paper details We have learned that in a unimodal symmetric distribution, about 68% of the values fall within one standard deviation of the mean and about 95% fall within two standard deviations of the mean. How does that apply to the manufacturing of aircraft or cars? Can you think of examples where a company would use information based on income, height, weight, age, or other demographics to produce products?

Select an industry, company, or product that you think uses (or should use) the normal distribution to aid in the design or marketing of a product. Do some research on the industry, company, or product if needed.

Identify the industry, company, or product you selected and then discuss the following in your initial response.

Evaluate if using the normal distribution would be advantageous for the company.
What are some ethical ramifications of designing products using information based on the normal distribution?
Your initial response should three to four paragraphs in length. Use current APA formatting to cite your sources.

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