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Hospitality Management

Paper details An aspect of this week is the comprehensive question that serves as a capstone for the program. The question(s) provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate learning and competency in relation to theoretical and applied practices within hospitality management.
The questions were selected in week four.

the page requirement should be no less than 30 pages using 12 distinct references.
In effect, you will have three separate essays with a total page requirement of at least 30 pages.
For example, the three essays could have the following number of pages, 8, 12 and 10, which equals 30. No essay should have less than 8 pages. Likewise, you will need a total of 12 references, with a minimum of three for any individual essay.

Case Study

Paper details Review the CC and HPI to come up with a few possible differential diagnoses.
Review the Rx list and identify potential “drug problems”. Remember these can include safety, effectiveness, fit for the patient, comparison to other options, interactions, dose, how and when to take, cost, etc.
Review lab values, exam findings, logs, etc. and interpret the meaning.
Select 3 disease states from the case and “fix them” by telling us: Possible treatment options for each disease state, your rational drug selection specific to the case/patient and your discussion/defense for that selection, key education points, follow-up plan (including monitoring), and a correct and complete prescription.
List any references used.

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