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How gender has impacted the workplace

Paper details One annotated bibliography for the final paper.
Final Paper topics will be about an aspect of work / employment / occupation and how it impacted/impacts society (either historically or in contemporary times). Example areas of interest might be technology, race, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality, education, class structure, globalization, economic and political structures etc.

ALREADY USED: Ellemers N. 2014. “Women at Work: How Organizational Features Impact Career Development.” Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 1(1): 46-54. doi:10.1177/2372732214549327

ALREADY USED: The Underrepresentation of Women in Higher Education Leadership Roles
Secondary source
Krause, S. F. (2017). Leadership: Underrepresentation of women in higher education. Northcentral University

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Paper details Detailed Instructions are uploaded in the files section titled “instructions”. You are only to use the articles given to you titled “article you will use for matrix” to fill out the matrix template. For the narrative portion (Part 2) of the matrix template, a document titled (Premise) will be uploaded for you so that you will have an idea about the topic at hand and can properly answer the questions for part 2. Fell free to incorporate the sources from the premise document in answers the questions for PART 2 only. For example, the questions that states ” Describe your rationale for your choice of approach for your topic”.

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