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How Race affects sentencing in the US criminal justice system

Paper details For this paper, you will thoroughly examine a criminal justice issue. It can be any topic that is covered within the course or related. By now you should have sent me an email about your final topic, if not, pleses do so ASAP. I don’t want anyone to get a zero because the topic is not related.
Once you choose a topic, you should: 1) examine the empirical support of this topic, 2) critically evaluate the state of the literature, 3) discuss the next steps researchers should take in advancing the body of research, and 4) discuss the policy implications of your topic based on the empirical body of research. Peer-reviewed journal articles should be the main sources for this paper, and it should be approximately 7-10 double spaced pages, excluding title and reference pages. You should refer to the rubric as a guide.

Digital Nomads

Paper details It is for an economic geography class, so focusing on the people, places, and money is important, We are using The World Economy 6th edition by Fredrick P Stutz to draw our topics. Digital Nomads are a subclass of economic migrant. The professor allows wiggle room for anecdotal references about micro economic details, like cost of living for countries, and other things. It’s a niche topic, if you have any questions let me know.

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