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How to develop an algorithm

Develop an algorithm or write a pseudocode to determine the winning candidate for a constituency in the national elections.
a.   The algorithm must accept as input the names of the four candidates his/her party (DAP, WNA, UPM and the number of votes EACH candidate receives.  b.   The successful candidate is the one who receives the most votes.  c.   Print the name of the winner and the number of votes he/she received

Bearing Accuracy Grades case study

FANADE Industry has operated in human-based management measures and provided customers with the premium service.Their business line includes Deep groove ball bearings,self-aligning ball bearings,thrust ball bearings,angular contact ball bearings,tapered roller bearings,cylindrical roller bearings,spherical roll bearings(FANADE Bearing Seals Type include:RS,2RS,Z,2Z,2RZ,DDU,LLU,VV.Bearing Row:Single-Row,Double-Row,Four-Row) etc with imported and domestic famous brands including Swedish SKF bearings,German FAG,INA bearings,Japanese NSK bearings,Japanese NTN bearings,Japanese KOYO,FYH bearings,Japanese IKO bearings,American TIMKEN bearings,Britain RHP and other famous imported bearings.FANADE Bearing website provide Structure?Dimensions?Net Weight and all Parameter and Details of all kind of bearings.Here we’d like to talk about The selected bearing accuracy grades.

According to different needs; Each bearing manufacturers have supply different accuracy requirements of the product; Below is some information about bearing
Analysis of the precision grade
The precision of the rolling bearing first divided into: dimension accuracy and rotation accuracy.
Bearing precision grade specification for; Divided into a level 0, 6 x, 6, 5, 4, 2 levels of six grades.
Bearing precision progressive progress at level 0; About the level 0 is usually meet; But when used for other conditions or situations;
The accuracy of demand level 5 or higher.
Above precision grade albeit with ISO standard as a benchmark for; But the title is different in the national standard
Accuracy of the scale of the bearing (shaft and shell device related project)
1, inner diameter, outer diameter, width, and installation of the width of the promised to error
2, the roller group within the last contact last contact outside diameter and the diameter of the promised to error
3, promised to limit value of the chamfer dimension
4 and the change of width of the promised quantity
The rotating precision of bearing (project) associated with rotator to beat
1, inner ring and outer ring of the promised to radial runout and axial runout
2, inner ring’s promise to lateral jitter
3, the outer diameter surface promised to change the amount of skew
4, the thickness of the thrust bearing raceway promised to change quantity
5, cone hole promised error and promised to change the amount
Most cases using usually measure accuracy and rotation accuracy FAG bearing (public service level for the PN) is fulfilled. When the demand is higher; The precision of bearing demand a higher level; Such as spindle bearing. In order to reach the demand of the higher precision; Specification rules the P6, P6X, P5, P2 and P4 level of public servants. FAG in accordance with company specifications for some special rules for bearing P4S, SP and the UP level public service.
Presents no neutral in machining shaft neck looks or bearing cooperation they work; Looks especially cooperation processing is not in a pack of CARDS in the end. Use of bearing seat will also attack is wrong; Such as flange or vertical bearing FAG bearing imports. Because of homework load deformation of winding shaft attacks; From and incur when bearing inner and outer circle skewed; Can also be present in the wrong.
Self-aligning SKF bearing to be right and skew counter; For example, peng roller bearings, self-aligning ball bearing radial and thrust spherical roller bearings. This kind of bearing has a concave spherical outer ring raceway, Rolling body and inner ring can rotate inside. These bearing counter shaft centerline deflection Angle can depend on the type of their own, scale economics and load conditions.
Spherical bearing and outdide circle of SKF thrust ball bearing has a spherical bearing surface, the device in the hollow spherical seat to adjust the counter deflection Angle.

After you attend an event of your choice (volunteering, attending a work/community event, or OU sponsored event), please complete the following assignment and submit it via this link by no later than

o   Write a reflection essay (minimum 2 pages, double spaced, 500 words) about your experience at the event.  In your essay, answer the following:
o   Date, title, and description of the event, along with proof of attendance.  The proof could be taking a picture of you attending the event,  a picture of your registration details, or even an image of completing a post-survey if the event offers one.
o   What was your goal in choosing to attend this particular networking event?  How did you accomplish your goal?
o   Did you have the chance to give a self-introduction? If so, what do you think went well and what do you think you could have improved on?
o   If you recall, who did you meet with?  (Name, title company)
o   What type of activity or advice stood out to you? 
o    In what ways did you find the event to be helpful?  What were your expectations for this event?  Were they met?  If not, what type of event will you look for in the future that will meet your expectations?
o   Did you get the chance to exchange contact information with other participants and connect on LinkedIn?
o  Would you recommend your peer or friend to seek out a similar event? What advice would you give them?
The event I am going to join is Inspirational Women’s Network don’t worry about the second point of the essay I will write about, I just need you to complete rest of the questions. 

How to do a Financial Statement Analysis

Open the financial statement analysis template that you saved from the Eastman Kodak 1 assignment and input the data from the Eastman Kodak income statement.  Use the basic earnings per share from continuing operations when inputting the earnings per share amount.  When you have finished inputting the data, review the income statement to make sure there are no red blocks indicating that your numbers do not match the cover sheet information you input from the Eastman Kodak 1 assignment.  Make any necessary corrections before saving a “print out” of both your input and the common-size income statement that the template automatically creates for you.  You will submit this “print out” to your instructor.
Eastman Kodak 2007 Annual Report:
Eastman Kodak 2007 Form 10-K:

Statistics and Probability task

  Sources must be cited in APA format.  Your response should be a minimum of one (1) single-spaced page to a maximum of two (2) pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.
NOTE: Show your work in the problems.
1.  A recent article in the Myrtle Beach Sun Times reported that the mean labor cost to repair a color television is $90 with a standard deviation of $22.  Monte’s TV Sales and Service completed repairs on two sets this morning.  The labor cost for the first was $75 and it was $100 for the second.  Compute z values for each and comment on your findings.
2.  The mean of a normal distribution is 400 pounds.  The standard deviation is 10 pounds.
  a.  What is the area between 415 pounds and the mean?
  b.  What is the area between the mean and 395 pounds?
c.  What is the probability of selecting a value at random and discovering that it has a value of less than 395 pounds?
3.  The monthly sales of mufflers in the Richmond, VA area follow the normal distribution with a mean of 1200 and a standard deviation of 225.  The manufacturer would like to establish inventory levels such that there is only a 5% chance of running out of stock.  Where should the manufacturer set the inventory levels?
4.  Research on new juvenile delinquents revealed that 38% of them committed another crime.
a.  What is the probability that of the last 100 new juvenile delinquents put on probation, 30 or more will commit another crime?
b.  What is the probability that 40 or fewer of the delinquents will commit another crime?
c.  What is the probability that between 30 and 40 of the delinquents will commit another crime?
5.  An Air Force study indicates that the probability of a disaster such as the January 28, 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger was 1 in 35.  The Challenger flight was the 25th mission.
a.  How many disasters would you expect in the first 25 flights?
b.  Use the normal approximation to estimate the probability of at least one disaster in 25 missions.

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