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In 2000, when I was the Airport Manager at Phoenix-Goodyear Airport (owned by the City of Phoenix), located about 25 miles west of downtown Phoenix, we dedicated a brand new terminal building. The aviation department’s art curator thought it a good idea to hang a picture of a TWA Lockheed Constellation flying over the Grand Canyon in a prominent place in the lobby. I emphatically said, “NO,” and proceeded to tell her the story you are about to read.

~Reflections from Shawn Arena, Course Developer

Read Grand Canyon Collision – The greatest commercial air tragedy of its day! (Links to an external site.) from, which details the circumstances surrounding one of the most prolific aircraft accidents of all time—the June 1956 mid-air collision between two commercial aircraft over the Grand Canyon. Prepare a case analysis addressing the factors surrounding the enactment of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSummary
Should provide a sufficient summary and develop a central theme that is organized.

Problem Statement
Should clearly and succinctly identify and isolate as assigned, the problem/s or issue/s.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSignificance of the Problem
Should present a valid argument with reference to relevant concepts, theories and/or frameworks; Fully supports the Problem Statement; Should exhibit thoughtfulness, and make some effort towards predicting outcomes.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAlternative Actions (Two Each)
Should succinctly state an approach to resolving the problem/s or issue/s. Reasons for each alternative are included in the described alternative. Advantages and disadvantages should be present. Outcome of implementing one alternative or the other may be present. A decision could possibly be made based upon the information provided.

A somewhat realistic approach to resolving the problem should be provided. Reason is provided. An advantage and disadvantage should be present. Outcome of implementation is positive. A decision could possibly be made based upon the information provided.


Citations, references present where applicable and IAW APA. Mechanics of style should enhance content understanding, and writing skillfully supports the message

Accomplishment of Research Learning Outcomes
The case analysis should accomplish some of the 6 SLO’s for Research in support of the institutions Research Quality Enhancement Plan.

Workplace Environment Assessment

Paper details How healthy is your workplace?

You may think your current organization operates seamlessly, or you may feel it has many issues. You may experience or even observe things that give you pause. Yet, much as you wouldn’t try to determine the health of a patient through mere observation, you should not attempt to gauge the health of your work environment based on observation and opinion. Often, there are issues you perceive as problems that others do not; similarly, issues may run much deeper than leadership recognizes.

There are many factors and measures that may impact organizational health. Among these is civility. While an organization can institute policies designed to promote such things as civility, how can it be sure these are managed effectively? In this Discussion, you will examine the use of tools in measuring workplace civility.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and examine the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory, found on page 20 of Clark (2015).
Review and complete the Work Environment Assessment Template in the Resources.

Instructions for this assignment:
Write a brief description of the results of your Work Environment Assessment. Based on the results, how civil is your workplace? Explain why your workplace is or is not civil. Then, describe a situation where you have experienced incivility in the workplace. How was this addressed? Be specific and provide examples.
NB: I will appreciate if you follow the instruction to this assignment. Thanks. I also attached the template to be completed too.
Please use the links for resources/reference

GE Healthcare Internal Analysis Application Research

Paper details Research the resources and capabilities of GE Healthcare, looking for sources of competitive advantage.

Look for sources of information on the size, growth, markets, and competitor comparisons. Annual reports can be good starting points, but should be viewed as biased sources – as much public relations information tends to be. Company profiles are available from sources like Dun and Bradstreet, Standard

Cultural Differences

Paper details In your paper,

Explain the most significant areas where the countries are similar and different according to Hofstede’s cultural orientation model.
Identify two issues that could arise in terms of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions from your two countries attempting to work together.
Analyze how communication technology can be utilized to bridge communication between cultures.

For additional guidance on writing compare and contrast papers see the Writing Center’s resource Compare

Leadership Development

Paper details Training completed for the reflection and should include

-Time Management
-Stress Management
-Team Building
-Appropriate discipline for staff mistakes
– Open to any additional data to support related topic

– Leadership

Please see attached to your guide writing. It is a copy of my statement and my written counseling.

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