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I chose acne for my topic because I have been struggling with it since high school. And I want

I chose acne for my topic because I have been struggling with it since high school. And I want to show how diet plays important role in acne throughout the paper. And my thesis is “Foods that easily raise blood sugar levels after meals, also known as high glycemic foods, worsen acne.” I want my thesis to be something like that. So I want to show the relationship between diet and acne. And how diet improves acne. Low-glycemic diet in particular. The assignment requires 8 sources.
1 . One of the sources must be from a book or ebook.
2. At least one of the sources must be from academic journals searched through the library’s databases.
3. One must be a scholarly journal from ProQuest
4. One source must be from a local newspaper, or government source reflecting on the topic locally
5. Other sources might include: videos, chapters in edited volumes, feature length articles in popular magazines, or sources on the internet (no more than three from the same source).
I’ve already selected the 8 sources but you may add or change the other 4 sources which are the sources I get to choose if needed.

financial statements

Describe the purpose of
each of the four financial statements.

Discuss how the financial
statements would be useful to internal users such as managers and employees.

Discuss how the financial
statements would be useful to external users such as investors and creditors.

Format the summary consistent with APA guidelines

Accounting: Allocation of Costs

Allocation of Costs Analyze
the following scenario: Jump Hospital currently allocates all
maintenance department costs based on departmental square feet. 
However, the manager of the pharmacy department has suggested that an
ABC approach be used for the portion of the maintenance department costs
that relate to repairing equipment.  Her contention is that the
pharmacy has relatively little equipment that breaks.  However, it must
subsidize many high-tech departments that require expensive equipment
repairs.  Using the tables below, calculate the maintenance cost
assigned to the pharmacy using the existing method and using an ABC
approach.  Clearly label your calculations in your analysis.  Respond to
at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Maintenance Costs

Routine Maintenance



Volume (Square Feet)


Labor Hours



Labor Cost/Hour









Department Information


All Other Departments


Square Feet



Volume of Repairs



Hours of Repairs



Supplies Used for Repairs




Investment Decision Analyze
following scenario: Duncombe Village Golf Course is considering the
purchase of new equipment that will cost $1,200,000 if purchased today
and will generate the following cash disbursements and receipts.  Should
Duncombe pursue the investment if the cost of capital is 8 percent? 
Why?  Clearly label your calculations in your analysis.  You must
respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings to receive full


Cash Receipts

Cash Disbursements

Net Cash Flow

















HCA340 Week 1 dq 2

Provide a substantive 150 to 250 word initial post that fully answers the following questions:

What are the benefits of having a fully motivated staff, and what are the potential consequences of not having motivated staff?
What do contemporary theories tell us about the significance of motivation as a function of employee needs, extrinsic and intrinsic factors?
How do we motivate across generations? In your response, please be sure to identify and address at least two theories.


The hotel is in a relatively large city with many other comparable hotels in its vicinity. As part of your job, your responsibilities include:
Establishing a sound data and information infrastructure to support ongoing hotel operations.                
Determining what data you should collect on an ongoing basis and how you should use that data to make effective decisions aimed at balancing high occupancy with high per-room profitability                
Determining what information you will need to be able to effectively market your hotel                
Establishing a basic monthly reporting infrastructure that will enable you to keep track of the key performance metrics
Create a Microsoft Word document listing three different operational functions for your hotel. Examples of hotel functions include setting daily room rates, attracting events (meetings, conferences, etc.), managing hotel material, etc. For each function, specify what data you would need to help you manage the function better, how you would analyze the data (using one or more of the descriptive techniques), what type of data individual variables represent (e.g., interval), and how you would tabulate or graph the data you collected for each function. For example, to set daily room prices, you can use historical sales data to compute average daily prices, a measure of dispersion to estimate up-and-down volatility, and histograms to graphically illustrate occupancy rates associated with different price levels.
Your description of each of the three operational functions should include a clear specification of the function (e.g., setting daily room prices), a description of the data source (e.g., historical sales data), the data type, a specific descriptive technique to convert data into information pertinent to each function, and a description of tabular and graphical results, including examples generated using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
Submit your 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document to this Discussion Area by Sunday, September 15, 2013.
Name your document SU_MBA5008_W1_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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