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I need a response to the below Statement: From my experience, the most challenging aspect of strategic planning is stakeholder investment. In my organization we implemented drastic change copying a st

In my organization we implemented drastic change copying a strategic plan from our competitor. As Daft (2013) explains, strategic thinking takes a long-term view and executes strategies that will be a fit between the organization and its environment. This change was quick and negatively impacted employees and customers considerably. From a shareholder perspective, it was a success as stock prices soared. Long-term results have yet to be felt. A study conducted by Naslund and Williamson (2020) determined the strategy used can completely change an industry. It is a top-down method heavily dependent on lay-offs to reduce costs. It is mostly focused on profitability and shareholder value. Based on the strategic plan that was implemented, short-term gains were the goal. Perhaps implementing a varying strategy that would slowly alter the organization in a greater amount of time would have been more ideal.
Daft, R. L. (2013). Management (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.
Naslund, D.,

Must be in Times New Roman. The body of the document should be printed in standard 12-point font size. Indent paragraphs in all assignments and use double spacing between and within paragraphs. No mo

The body of the document should be printed in standard 12-point font size. Indent paragraphs in all assignments and use double spacing between and within paragraphs.  No more than seven pages, not including references and cover page.
 Moreover, maintain one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) for all assignments. The assignments submitted must have page numbers. Use new APA guidelines for citations.
Must have a title page just like the reference

Team Learning Organization Action Plan Project and Presentation

The class will be divided into teams. Your team will create a detailed action plan for transforming
an organization of your choice into a learning organization and culture. The organization can
include business, governmental, non-governmental, social, global, etc.

The business I picked for this project is Best Buy. I uploaded the grading scale and this is a final for the class.

I need a response to the below Statement: The author’s primary field of interest is human capital development in organizations. He has worked with both academic, secondary, and university, institution

He has worked with both academic, secondary, and university, institutions, and corporate training departments. A primary strategic planning issue lies in moving from the mission, vision, and set goals to translating the plan into specific training plans that develop skills needed for effective operational goals. With high potentials, there are typically better laid out plans for mentoring, coaching, targeted skill development, and more. However, my observation is that significant potential is available within corporate spheres that is untapped because the majority of staff are not aligned with the organizational mission and values, are not matched in the right roles, and they do not understand or are motivated by the way their individual contributions fit into the mission (Daft, 2013).
In the author’s current organization of a high-end secondary school designed to develop the leaders of the country, there is a disconnect between the individual contributors, supervisors, and middle managers and the senior leadership team comprised of the board of directors and a few senior leaders who decide on tactics and strategy.  Although the vision and mission are clear and laid out by the entity that owns the school, the board is charged with approving a strategy for implementation. Their approach is to hire a group of outside consultants to come in and define tactics, strategies, intelligence teams, and more. What has lacked consistency is ownership, intelligence integration into strategy revisions, and planning and operational reviews. Two primary factors affect this, one from the top and one from the bottom of the hierarchy. From the bottom of the hierarchy, many staff has low ownership as individual contributors. They were not well screened for engagement or fit for their roles and many are ‘hired guns’ who are experts technically but feel little inclination in human development. From the top, many of the board does not respect the technical experts they have hired and consistently ignores their contributions and advice on improving the strategic execution process. This has alienated the individual contributors and supervisors further resulting in a staff that is often at odds with the management. Disengaged staff with no interest in putting their all into transforming the lives of students is the result.
For starters, part of a solution could begin with pulling representative engaged staff from all levels of the school to provide feedback that was then acted upon by the senior leadership. These recommendations need to be made public and acted upon publicly so that unengaged staff can see a policy change on the part of the senior leadership. Second, low-performing unengaged staff could be given the spring semester to improve the execution of their individual contributions to the organization. Tools and resources could be provided but if there is not an improvement, they should be released at year-end in order to make room for engaging new staff. These new staff should be carefully screened for their roles. An additional purge should take place among senior leaders who are unable to ‘translate the plan’ or ‘plan operations’ in a way that engages staff. Successful strategic planning does not enable team leaders or team members to continue to sabotage objectives year after year. Seek to have them improve, if that can not be done, move them out of leadership.
Daft, R. L. (2013). Management (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781285068657

Self-esteem in the work environment is crucial to the overall success of everyday business operations and functions for the employee and employer; therefore, it is important to identify healthy self-esteem development and how to overcome communication barriers.

Create a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 10 slides) on how to overcome communication barriers—verbal and nonverbal (identify and explain with supported data and illustrations). You must use at least two sources with one being the textbook. Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide with proper APA formatting. The cover and reference slides do not count toward the total slide requirement. Also, use the speaker notes function to explain the content in detail for each of the slides. Note: Keep in mind the 6×6 PowerPoint rule: slides should only include six to seven lines of content with no more than six to seven words per line. Also, illustrations should relate to the content being discussed—be creative.

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