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identify a sport organization facing a problem and propose thoughtful solutions to address the issue

Paper details Working individually, your first task is to pick a topic/issue that interests you. Topics should be
recent (e.g., NOT whether the Montreal Expos should or should not relocate to Washington, etc.).
And topics should relate to the business/management side of sport and NOT issues having to do
with player development/coaching decisions.

The successes of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s remain the base from which present day organizations seek to eliminate discrimination against minorities.

Paper details Research Paper Outline with Annotated Bibliography

After continued research, construct a working outline for the research paper. The outline should cover the topics and supporting details of your research paper. The research paper must affirm the thesis on the approved research topic you have selected.

The outline must be a minimum of 500 words (approximately two pages, if the template is used properly). It should include an updated thesis, conform to APA style standards, and be as detailed as possible.

Annotated Bibliography

Create a list of 10-15 sources that will be used to affirm and/or support your thesis in your research paper.

Include both primary and secondary sources.
Sources must be academic and appropriate to the topic.
Be sure to label the sources as primary or secondary under separate headings.
Write an annotation that is 150-200 words for each source.
Format the list in accordance with APA style.


Paper details Paper will be an eight-to ten-page paper (excluding the APA title and reference pages) that will showcase what you learned about conflict and conflict resolution.

Identify a recent interpersonal, group, or organizational conflict that you were involved in and was later resolved. Select five of the topics listed below and discuss how they apply to your chosen conflict. You must use a minimum of five resources to help support your discussion of these topics. Be sure to focus on communication techniques that were used during the conflict management process. Argue whether the resolution to this conflict was a “best practices” approach to resolving this conflict.

Your paper must include an introduction paragraph that provides a high-level overview of your paper. In addition, your paper must include a strong conclusion paragraph that brings together the topics discussed. Remember not to introduce any new topics in your conclusion.

Conflict Topics for the Final Paper (select five)

Why does conflict occur?
Conflict management
The positive and negative effects of conflict
Role of personality types in conflict management
Communication techniques
Ethics and workplace conflicts
Climate in a conflict situation
Stress and anger
Mediation and arbitration

what does your signature, handwriting and your palm lines say about your character?

Paper details Time Limit: 4-6 Minutes
The informative speech is designed to help you further develop speech making skills. You may give your speech on a PERSON, PLACE, CONCEPT or EVENT, but not on a process because that was the requirement for your first informative speech. A variety of topics would be appropriate. For example, you might present a biographical sketch of Winston Churchill, or you might research and explain the extent and causes of alcoholism or drug abuse, the significance of the battle at Gettysburg, the causes of the landslide election in 1932, or the growth of the internet. Some topics might lend themselves to persuasive as well as informative presentations. However, you should stick to informing your audience for this speech. (Do NOT tell the audience what they should do or believe or that something is a problem or beneficial – because that would get into your opinion and that would be persuasive.) Use slides (Powerpoint, Prezi, Google Slides) for this presentation. It is preferred that you connect, Bluetooth, the laptop to a TV screen to display slides while you deliver the speech.


Professional Growth Disposition

Paper details This important assignment is used as part of your program for student professional growth and disposition score. The objectives of the assignment is to provide you the opportunity to express: (a) your ongoing efforts for awareness of self and those with whom you work and (b) your application of knowledge and skills for professional practices.

Details of the assignment and the disposition rubric are attached.

You will score yourself using the disposition rubric and create a SMART goal (see for your professional development. Comment briefly on your overall rating and how it aligns with your beliefs about being an educator.

Submit the essay (2-3 pages) and the self-scored rubric together in one document in Blackboard. The rubric is also helpful for guiding your ideas and writing.

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