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Identify the Best Type and Term of Credit

Growth in oceanic oil and gas exploration has resulted in greater demand for the business’s products. While sales are generally increasing, there are no seasons patterns. The owners have requested new financing to pay for expansion of the production facilities and to support increasing inventory. Which of the following describes the best type and term of credit to meet this borrowing need?
A. Accounts payable financing from suppliers
B. Long-term loan with repayment over several years
C. Line of credit with an annual renewal and a 30-day clean up period
D. One-year loan to be repaid from reduction in inventory

Diagnostics and Interventions for the Global Human Capital Manager 1

During that time, Shawn provided high levels of feedback to John and the board of directors. In addition, he ensured that employees at all locations were aware of the changes, up-to-date on progress made to integrate the changes, and be informed about results from milestones delivered. Honest communication has been important to the success of this implementation. Your recommendation to celebrate victories and reward those in the organization that contributed to the success of this initiative was well-received by everyone at AGC. One day during the last stage of implementation, the phone rings at your office.
“Hi, Shawn,” you say. “How are you?”
“Doing well,” he says. “I’m calling because I hear that the board will soon be requesting a full report on the changes made to AGC’s global human capital management program. The recommendations and guidance that you provided to me and the core team have been useful as we identified and diagnosed the root causes of problems at AGC,” he says. “It is time to execute appropriate interventions at headquarters in the United States and at the three subsidiaries. We should get started on that now, even before the formal request.”
“Okay,” you say. “Would you send me what you’re thinking about? I’m heading out the door right now, but I can start working on a report right away.”
“Will do,” he says. “Thanks again.”
An hour later, Shawn’s e-mail arrives with the following list:
Develop a list of critical interventions that need to be integrated at AGC.
Identify changes that you and the core team could recommend to Shawn to optimize learning and development opportunities.
Describe at least 1 training program that you would develop to improve cultural diversity problems.
Describe the advantages of using cross-cultural teams.
Identify opportunities for improving global staffing and recruiting strategies.

PART 1: Marketers make strategic decisions on how to position different products based on consumer behavior. People are constantly

Marketers make strategic decisions on how to position different products based on consumer behavior. People are constantly bombarded with messages asking to make choices and possibly change present decision criteria. Some purchase decisions are more important than others, and in some cases, decisions require more than one person.

Go online and view advertisements for two (2) different products that target families.

Go online and view advertisements for two (2) products similar to the two selected above but find two that do not target families.

Write a APA formatted academic paper that compares and contrasts the probable effectiveness of the two approaches.

Use a minimum of three (3) references to support your points.

In your conclusion, include a statement about why the selected products would (or would not) most likely benefit from a promotion with a family emphasis.

2 Pages length.
Attitudes are generally positive or negative when evaluating something such as an idea, event, object, or other people. Marketers care about consumer attitudes because they help determine how to position products for a market segment that has similar attitudes. One constant about the theories of attitudes and behavior is the concept of continuity. You would usually expect the behavior of a person to be consistent with their attitudes. Rational people try to behave rationally. People do not always seem rational in their behavior, for example eating fatty foods even though the person knows this type of consumption can lead to obesity and heart disease. This is evidence that cognitive and affective parts of behavior do not always match. This Assignment will offer you the opportunity to reflect on your own attitude as to why you are here in this education program.

Describe your ABC (affect, behavior, cognition) attitude towards your college degree program.

1-page length.

Complete a Strategic Plan for Your Organization

Update your plan to incorporate facilitator feedback from the drafts you submitted in previous weeks. Include the following: 
Table of contents 
Executive summary, with a 2-page maximum 
Company background, organizational mission, vision, and value statements 
Note. For a start-up, you should focus on the backgrounds and accomplishments of key anticipated management personnel. The goal is to convince the investor that these individuals are trustworthy and successful. 
Environmental scan 
Review of Week 4 strategies and a recommendation for the best strategy for your organization 
Implementation plan including contingency plans for identified risks 
Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of no more than 10 slides with speaker notes. Your audience will play the board of directors or a venture capital firm. The focus is to sell your recommendations to the board or venture capital firm and obtain approval for funding your plan.Format your plan and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

This is a personal statement for a reapplication to surgery residency, after I did not find placement in the

This is a personal statement for a reapplication to surgery residency, after I did not find placement in the “match” last year. I have not followed the prescribed route to surgery residency, so I want to use my past failures as a strength that I have learned from. I have attached a rough draft, however it is in bad shape at the moment, and needs to be rewritten. Thank you in advance for your help!

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