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Improving the Thermal Efficiency of the Power Plant

Paper details The maximum page allowed for this work is 10 pages. All extra work that you need to show must be included in the appendix.


• To Design a steam power plant that is efficient.
• To Implement and apply the knowledge obtained from the course in improving the efficiency
of the system.

Assignment Brief

1. Design a steam power cycle that can achieve a cycle efficiency of at least 40 percent under
conditions that all turbines have isentropic efficiencies of 80 percent and all pumps have
isentropic efficiencies of 65 percent. Prepare an engineering report describing your design.

Your design should include the following,
a. Discussions of various cycles attempted to meet the goal as well as the positive and
negative aspects of your design.

b. System figures and T-s diagrams with labelled states and temperature, pressure,

enthalpy and entropy information for your design.
c. Show at least one sample calculation for each new system implemented.

d. If you are using programming language for the generation of more data, you are
expected to attach the code or programme as an appendix. Programmes such as
MATLAB, EXCEL and EES (Engineering Equation Solver) might be used for this

2. Early commercial vapor power plants operated with turbine inlet conditions of about 12 bar
and 200oC. Plants are under development today that can operate at over 34 MPa, with turbine
inlet temperatures of 650oC or higher. How have steam generator or turbine designs changed
over the years to allow for such increases in pressure and temperature? Discuss. (800 -1500
words maximum)

Strafford Act Report – CyberSecurity

Paper details Outcome
A report explaining the most important criticisms to the Strafford Act

• What are the main criticisms to the Strafford Act?


Your document submission should be in a Word or PDF in APA format with the following:
• Title Page (Name, Course Number, Assignment number)
• Body of the report
• Reference page (APA)

The report should be a minimum of “TWO PAGES”.
You should be able to discuss the following:

Criticisms of the Strafford Act include the following:
• The Act has provisions for normal disasters but does not contemplate disasters on a grander scale.
• Lack of flexibility
• Lack of prevision
• The enforcement power/authority
• How it can be used to accommodate real-time response

Removal of toxic cadmium using a binary site ion exchange material derived from waste printed circuit boards

Paper details i wrote the introduction but one part was missing- check reviewer comment s
1- In the introduction part, authors have discussed in detail the issues of contemporary adsorption process. However, they did not highlight the significance of their sorbent system. To me it is more important to understand the need of developing a new material system. At least some incentives should be obtained from new materials, otherwise it is not possible to justify the new sorbent system.
second is the result and discussion section- check reviewer comments
2. pH was not having serious effect on the adsorption efficiency. Authors may need to discuss this point.

7- Segment Message Display

Paper details Hello,
In this project, we have to display my name in this way. “LAMATSER” using truth table and K mapping. After that, we have to build the physically on a breadboard with the following stuff.
1. Microcontroller 74LS00
2. 555 timer
3. 10 uf Capacitor
4. 0.01 uf Capacitor
5. Common Cathode 7 segment display
6. 330 resitor
7. 10 k resistor

Please explain it very clearly in this lap report from the cover page, introduction, outline, agenda, procedure, agenda, Conclusion and appendix in very detail
for your convenience i have attached truth table,K mapping and boolean expression please explain the process of building it in detail.

the technique to assess and optimize biomass gasification using four types of feedstocks to enhance the energy and exergy efficiencies

Paper details the intro/lit review part should state of art of the potential optimization techniques to assess the problem you are presenting. ( the technique to assess and optimize biomass gasification using four types of feedstocks to enhance the energy and exergy efficiencies by increasing hydrogen syngas for power and urea production ).

You just need to make sure you have covered the current state of the art – e.g. mentioning a few of the most relevant papers to your work and how they progressed the knowledge, highlights the gaps still existing and then your final paragraph that states how you advance it.
The references said they studied this and found exergy and energy efficiencies of such and such, but the more important thing to highlight is what they did new and what improvement did they realise over other works.

My suggestion is look through the refs you do use in the intro and ask:

a) Is their work really relevant (do they bring important background needed to understand my work)

b) If yes, am I clearly stating their main advancement

c) Is it clear from my writing how it relates to this work

d) Was there a major gap from their work I’m filling
3 pages( introduction and literature review)
2 page to meet the comment
1 extra page either to complete comments or literature review

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