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In the years since the No Child Left Behind Act was passed in 2001, state governments and their local school districts have been implementing its regulations. Follow the debates over the choices they had to make, including funding the programs, preparing and evaluating the tests, upgrading “failing” schools, and enabling the most disadvantaged students to make academic progress.

Paper details Each of the items in BOLD must be listed as a heading in your paper. If a question/issue does not apply, please explain why. The final product must include the following: Cover Page (consult an APA style guide)•Introduction (1-2 pages in length) brief summary and background of the main issues. What does the reader need to know to be able to understand the main issues? What are the goals, desired outcomes, conflicts? Why are the goals, outcomes, conflicts important?•Literature Review (2-5 pages in length) on depth overview of the issues. Compare/contrast, discuss opposing views, alternatives. what are the viewpoints of researchers, policy makers, think tanks, industry associations etc. that are interested in your issue? What were their conclusions? •Conclusion (2-3 pages in length) analyze what you have learned and inform the reader. what policy or programmatic recommendations might emerge from your evaluation?•References must be in APA style, not all citation generation programs will produce a correct APA reference page, you must double check. Research Paper Presentation Students will prepare and present a power point presentation of their Research Paper. Presentation should include 5-10 content slides and a reference slide not included in the minimum 5 slides requirement. Students will present between 5-10 minutes. Students should practice as the presentation will be timed. Use bullet points, do not copy and paste whole paragraphs from your paper.

Swing State

Paper details In a minimum of 300 words, explain what Fontaine and Kliman meant by calling Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Turkey global swing states (as of 2013 when the article was written). Then do a bit of brief research to determine the status of one of those four states today. Would you still consider it to be a global swing state? Why or why not?

Do not use outside sources or direct quotes from our readings. Your response should show me that you understand the key concepts presented in the article.

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