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Internet Collaboration Tools

Paper details A newly established Internet company with 40 employees needs your advice. They are looking for a collaboration tool and have narrowed their choices to GoToMeeting, WebEx, and My Web Conferences. After reading the information presented in this chapter and other sources, prepare a one-page document that includes two advantages and two disadvantages of each tool. Which one is your final recommendation? Why did you choose that tool over the other two?

Type your answers into a Word document in paragraph format that includes prices and specs on each tool. Remember your answers should be scholarly and complete.

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Paper details This week, we have discussed several OD interventions, but those aren’t the only ones available. For instance, Manning and Binzagr (1996) proposes participative design, open space and at least four others.

As an HR OD practitioner, how would you go about selecting the appropriate intervention to implement? And how would you evaluate whether or not the process was working?

Manning, M.R.

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