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Intro questions. multiplying floats and ints

c in C that prompts the user for two numbers and asks whether to treat each number as an integer. Then multiply the two numbers, treating each number as an int or double based on the user’s preference. Print the resulting computation, matching the format in the examples below. Note that numbers are comma delimited and that the user can answer the y/n questions with either lower or uppercase letters.
(˜)$ a.out
Enter two numbers to multiply: 2.5,3.5
Is the first number an int (y/n)? n
Is the second number an int (y/n)? N
2.50 * 3.50 = 8.75
(˜)$ a.out
Enter two numbers to multiply: 0.5, 3.5
Is the first number an int (y/n)? n
Is the second number an int (y/n)? Y
0.50 * 3 = 1.50

Intro to Programming using C

c in C that calculates an electricity bill for an electric company that provides a credit for user-generated energy (e.g. from solar panels). Your program will prompt the user for the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy generated. Note that the user input is / delimited. The bill will be calculated according to a tiered pricing model applied to kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed and generated. For energy generated, the user is always credited $0.10/kWh. For energy consumed, the ?rst 300 kWh are charged at a rate of $0.15/kWh. Energy consumed beyond 300 kWh is charged at a rate of $0.30/kWh. The energy company likes their calculations to have at least 10 digits of precision and for the price to be returned to the millionth dollar ($0.000001), so choose your variable data types accordingly and format your output as shown below.
How many kWh were consumed/generated? 1/0
Your bill is: $0.150000
(˜)$ a.out
How many kWh were consumed/generated? 100 / 1
Your bill is: $14.900000

Compensation System

Must have references and be marked in the body of the work. No Wikipedia.

A basic premise of a market-based economy is that each individual has the opportunity – through education, experience, hard, work, etc. – to improve his or her job earning potential. As a result, some employees may enjoy greater earnings than their colleagues. Assess how an organization can create a fair, market-competitive compensation system that provides greater rewards for those who earn it, yet is viewed as fair and equitable by the organization. 

Job Descriptions

Must have references and be marked in the body of the work. No Wikipedia.

The job description is often referred to as the building block of human resources. Nearly every employment action – recruitment, compensation, discipline, etc. – is predicated on an effective job description.
Today, there is considerable debate whether job descriptions should be broader and more generic, versus narrow and more specific. Distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, and which you see as the more preferable approach.

Chapter 7

Paper details After reading chapter 7, answer the following questions.

Answer each question with between 100 and 150 words:

Describe the components that comprise the institutional (or formal) powers of governors.

Describe the legislative powers of governors in state politics.

Explain how governors can gain political leadership in their states.

PLEASE USE Textbook: Title: Politics in States and Communities, 15/E Author(s): Thomas R. Dye, Susan A. MacManus Publisher: Pearson (2014) ISBN 13: 978-0-205-99472-4 AS SOURCE.

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