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IPAC (infection prevention and control) assignment

Paper details Answer the following questions in detail using your textbook/power points for reference. RESPONSES MUST IN YOUR OWN WORDS. No REFERENCES needed. You can use the book or PowerPoint as your reference or guide but your response or answer should be in your own word.

1. What is infection control? Include specific details.
2. What is HAI’s AND how can they be prevented?
HAI-(health care associated infection)
3. What is the chain of infection? (outline AND explain the different steps)
4. Describe what isolation precautions are (identify the types of precautions AND explain them)
Review the Chain of Transmission. After review, read the scenario below and answer the questions accordingly.

Scenario: Mrs. Smith is a 90-year-old female with a history of dementia. Mrs. Smith lives in a long-term care facility. Mrs. Smith was approved to leave the long-term care facility for one overnight stay with family. During her visit outside of the long-term care home, we find out Mrs. Smith’s family members had diarrhea. Upon return to the long-term care home, Mrs. Smith is upset and has 6 episodes of diarrhea.

5. What is the pathogen/ infectious agent?
6. What is the reservoir?
7. What is the portal of exit?
8. What is mode of transmission?
9. What is the portal of entry?
10. Who is the susceptible host?

Answer all these in your own words and please follow the instructions and no grammar errors.

Statistics for Managers

. Organizations
look at results, expenses, quality levels, efficiencies, time, costs,
etc.  What measures does your department keep track of ?  How are the
measures collected, and how are they summarized/described?  How are they
used in making decisions?  (Note: If you do not have a job where
measures are available to you, ask someone you know for some examples or
conduct outside research on an interest of yours.) 
Managers and professionals often pay more attention to the levels of
their measures (means, sums, etc.) than to the variation in the data
(the dispersion or the probability patterns/distributions that describe
the data).  For the measures you identified in Discussion 1, why must
dispersion be considered to truly understand what the data is telling us
about what we measure/track?  How can we make decisions about outcomes
and results if we do not understand the consistency (variation) of the
data?  Does looking at the variation in the data give us a different
understanding of results?

week 7 checkpoint

14 ofUnderstanding Psychology
Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each:
·What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?
·How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people?
·What are the disadvantages of these expectations?
Format the essay consistent with APA guidelines.
Include an introductory and conclusion paragraph, a reference page and key details utilizing in-text citation
Understanding Psychology 9e_Ch14.pdf ORIGINAL WORK ONLY

Andrew Jackson or John Quincy Adams

  Write a well-constructed essay supporting either
Andrew Jackson or the reelection of John Quincy Adams.

Keep the
following points in mind as you write your essay:

Determine your
position and plan your essay by listing the reasons for it.

Be sure you back
up your position with clearly stated arguments. Use at least one primary

Read your essay
aloud to be sure that it makes sense.

Check your
grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

no copying or pasting

can someone help me with these questions

Define learning. Briefly explain how the definition of learning makes the entire idea of HRD possible. 
2. Select one of the factors that research has shown can increase transfer of training. Briefly describe how the factor you select can be used to increase transfer of training in a program designed to teach food service employees proper hygiene practices (e.g., washing their hands after handling raw meat). 
3. Identify one finding from research about the acquisition of expert and exceptional performance. Briefly describe one practical application of the finding you cite for HRD in organizational settings. 

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