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ISCOM/471 – OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT performance metrics

Week Four Discussion Questions
C: What performance metrics do Riordan’s functional departments monitor? What information do they get from these metrics? What action may they take based on this information? How does this relate to MRP(material requirements planning), forecasting or product schedule? Can you find some theory to support your answer?
D: Why do organizations out-source various components of the supply chain? What impact (advantages/disadvantages) does out-sourcing have on the supply chain? What are some potential risks associated with out-sourcing? How can outsourcing relate to MRP, forecasting, or a productschedule? Can you find some theory to support your answer?

Organizational Environment Choose a company in your state or a company that you would consider working for. Visit the company’s Website and other sources for information about how your selected company manages organizational behavior.

Write a 4-6 page paper in which you:

Discuss the driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the company you selected. Include competing in a global environment, workforce diversity, ethics and character, and technological innovation.Examine the organization’s specific practices or policies and the influence of these practices on individual and organizational outcomes.Determine which practices related to work attitudes in U.S. organizations are most strongly affected by diversity and how those affects could be addressed.Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

The anticipated coupon rate on notes

06%. The other is a TIPS which pays 3% interest annually.

A.What is its price if investors’ required rate of
return is 6.09 percent on similar bonds? Treasury notes pay interest

6% annual interest rate compounded semi-annually represents an effective rate
of 6.09%. Therefore the coupon rate should be 6% 3% = 9%. –

b. Erron Corporation wants to issue five- year notes
but investors require a credit risk spread of 3 percentage points. What is the
anticipated coupon rate on the Erron notes?

ECO365 Week 1 DQ#2

What factors have
contributed to changes in the supply of and demand for that good or
service? What was the effect on the equilibrium price and quantity?
do you expect changes in the microeconomy and macroeconomy to affect
future supply of and demand for that good or service? Do you expect the
equilibrium price to increase or decrease as a result?


Week Four Discussion Questions
A. How does your organization manage inventory? How do costs affectinventory size? What two basic questions must be answered by aninventory-control decision rule? What impact will RFID have on the supplychain? How would you improve your inventory situation? How can inventory effectyour forecasting or production plan for your product or service? Can you findsome theory to prove your points?
B. What is the role of safety stock in a material requirement planning(MRP) system? What is the significance of lead-time in the traditional economicorder quantity context? What is the significance of lead-time in an MRP system?What is the importance of the master production schedule in an MRP system? Whatis the importance of lead time in an order point system? What MRP concepts hasyour organization implemented? Were these implementations successful? Why orwhy not? Can you find any theory to support you input?

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