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Journal Entry #5

Paper details All Journals must include: This week’s journal focuses on Chapter 8!! Date (corresponds with journal entry 6/12/21) What did I do? (Brief description of the activity. Did thepoint online activities along with pre and post quiz What did I learn? This is an online activity my class uses which is called the point, you can add that this week it focused on Lewins theory of change, testing the knowledge on driving forces… The roles of change (Personal reflection) What were the positives and or negatives about the experience? What were the components that impacted your practice? Recommendations for future experiences or practice? Weekly journals should be a two-page (body) APA 7th edition reflective response which summarizes what you learned during the week, with at least 2 references. See below rubric. I have attached the book as a PDF and it can be accessed for the chapter.

Nursing Advocacy

Paper details Read the article entitled, Nurse Advocacy: Adopting a Health in All Policies Approach by Williams et al.
Article Link:
Choose a topic discussed in the article that you believe is important for nurses to address using an advocacy framework. Design an informational strategy to introduce this issue to a specific stakeholder such as your legislator, parents, educational institutions, or other identified stakeholders. Make sure you address the policy effect of the topic and the best strategy to advocate for the topic. Think Creatively and Be Creative.

Educating the public about the safety and efficacy of vaccines
Design a social media campaign or educational pamphlet with information for the stakeholder community.
Lobbying for a specific legislative bill – must list the specific bill
Write a letter to your local government representative
Design a presentation for the legislator
Design a policy brief
Other ideas for topics
Write a speech for a select audience
Submit a PowerPoint presentation of the topic and the venue that will deliver your message. Maximum slides 10 excluding the title page and references slides.

Choose a topic discussed in the article (5 points)
Explain how it is important to nurses
Design an informational strategy to introduce this issue for a specific stakeholder (10 points)
Content of strategy
Scholarly Writing (5 points)
Minimum three references. Must adhere to APA (7th edition) citation format. All references must be peer-reviewed articles.


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