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Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Paper details Do a research paper that INCLUDES a case study on Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

You will need to include: a description of the lesion or disease, a discussion of the diagnostic process for that lesion/disease, and the treatment and prognosis.

Written case presentation

• Must have introduction, body and conclusion
• Must be typed and double spaced with Times New Roman font size 12
• 3 page minimum (not including title and reference page)
• APA format:
o Title page
Running head, page # upper right, title of paper, name, date, course
o Body of paper with accurate in-text citations
o Reference page
Give at least three credible PEER REVIEWED references in correct APA format

See attached Rubric for “written paper” for further criteria.

Case study / coursework in Pharmacology and Nursing Theory

Hello there

I attached a file that you are to read to get the assignment done. Read the case study and answer the questions that follows. The number 3a /b questions is not for the case study. It should be answer differently but in details. Give details about pertinent goals to be carried out for a diabetes patient and 2) The interventions to be done

Please give this work to a writer that have the knowledge about pharmacology and nursing theory in nursing. If you need more information please let me know


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