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Kearney, C. A. and Trull T. J. (2016). Abnormal psychology and life: A dimensional approach. (3rd ed.). Stamford, CT:

Kearney, C. A. and Trull T. J. (2016). Abnormal psychology and life: A dimensional approach. (3rd ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.
ISBN: 978-1337098106

What is Normal Anyway?”
Let’s consider: Welcome to our first discussion assignment. For this week’s discussion, it will be helpful for you to first read Chapter 1, especially pages 4-19. As you are probably already observing in your reading this week, there is so much to learn about mental health and mental disorders. As our text’s authors remind, “abnormal psychology has implications for all of us” (Kearney

Strategic Planning in Healthcare

Where does the organization want to go? This question focuses on the organization’s vision and aspirations.
How will the organization get there? This question
focuses on the strategic moves required to fulfill the mission, vision,
and values of the organization and its broad set of strategic goals.
You are the office manager of a 12-person medical office.
Write an e-mail message to the owners of the clinic on how the
organization could answer these three questions. Specifically, your
e-mail should include the following:

How should the organization determine its state of affairs?
How should the organization establish its goals?
Who should participate in the strategic planning process and why?
What possible strategies can the organization adopt to achieve the established goals?

Your e-mail message should be no more than two pages long in a Microsoft Word document and in current APA edition format.

Instruction: There are areas in the brain that processes emotion, so sleep is important for brain health and develop

Instruction: There are areas in the brain that processes emotion, so sleep is important for brain health and develop emotional stability in all areas of life. Watch the video entitled ” One More Reason to Get a Good Night Sleep”. Write a summary of the video then give your personal reaction about it. Your paper must be in an essay format, two whole page, 12 font and regular margin.
https:// (Links to an external site.)

Please follow instructions to the exact

Balanced Scorecard Powerpoint Presentation

He has asked you to prepare a presentation for the next manager’s meeting about the balanced scorecard and how EEC might adopt it. In your presentation, complete the following: 
Define the elements that might be presented in a balanced scorecard
Explain how it is used
Make a recommendation of whether or not EEC should adopt the balanced scorecardIf adopted, how might it improve the company?

Human Resource Management questions

 Excluding situations related to hiring and terminating employees, provide one example of a decision related to an HR policy or process, and determine the moral and ethical factors that management should consider when making the decision in question.
2. Recommend a strategy that managers should implement to ensure ethical decision making with regard to HRM. Predict the most likely impact of ethical decision making within an organization

“Employee Terminations”  Please respond to the following:
1. Based on the scenario, suggest the most likely cause for the employee failing to recognize the serious nature of the situation and how this failure may be avoided in the future. Provide support for your rationale.
2. Determine the most likely unintentional consequence of downsizing and / or layoffs in organizations, indicating how an organization may avoid these consequences. Provide support for your rationale.

“Documentation” Please respond to the following:
1.Suggest the most significant type of documentation that should be maintained in an employee’s HR file to protect the organization from legal action.
2.Recommend a strategy for handling employee documentation to ensure that privacy obligations are not violated. Provide support for your recommendation.

Safe Work Environment”  Please respond to the following:
· 1. Recommend a key objective that should be included in an HR policy to help ensure the existence of a work environment that protects employees from situations involving harassment, violence, or breaches of personal information. Provide support for your rationale.
· 2. Agree or disagree that legal requirements for employee safety and welfare are essential to keeping employees safe. Support your rationale.

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