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LAW421 Week 5 DQ Option#1

Mike decides, without knowledge of the gym owners,
to add a twist; he starts selling a “lift-a-pound” investment
program. For $100 you buy into the program and every time you
increase your maximum lifted weight, you get $1 per pound.
Mike pays the rewards from the money he collects as
investments in the lift-a-pound program. Mike is addicted to the
high life and uses part of the investment funds to buy
clothes, a new car, a sweet apartment, etc. Soon enough, there
are not enough new investments coming in to keep up with the
rewards.  Disappointed
investors sue the gym and Mike. What claims might they have?
Would the police have any interest in this matter? Why or why

Child Directed Learning

Currently, your staff members rely heavily on
direct, whole-group instruction to teach children new concepts.  Your
job is to encourage teachers to create more child-centered,
developmentally appropriate classroom environments by demonstrating the
benefits of child-centered learning.
In your post you will first describe a traditional, direct instruction
activity and its learning outcome (e.g., students will read a book about
plants and name the parts of a plant). Then describe how teachers could
meet the same outcome using a child-directed strategy. These strategies
include exploratory play, guided discovery, problem solving, and
discussions. You may choose to include a Youtube video of your
strategy/activity and include a private link so we can view it. Please
do not include children in your video.

another project

This is a hurry –up assignment for discussion,
can you do this for me with such a rush? I am inserting an image please let me
know if you can as soon as possible.

Create an image with at least eight
layersand post the .PSD and .JPEG files.  In the .PSD image,
create a name for each layer. Explain how and why layering assists
in creating complex and sophisticated graphics, along with the steps you
implemented to create your image. 


MKT 635

on page 412. The paper must be two to three pages in length and formatted according to APA style.
2. Bentley Foods, Inc., a large manufacturer of frozen foods, has developed a new line of frozen pizza. Management has agreed to begin producing and market- ing the new line if at least 15% of the population would prefer the pizza over other frozen pizzas currently available. To determine preferences, a sample of 1,000 consumers was obtained; 172 indicated that they would prefer the new product over existing brands.
a. State the null and alternative hypotheses. b. Compute the standard error of the proportion.
c. Calculate the z-statistic. What is the probability of obtaining this value of the z-statistic if the null hypothesis is true?
d. The research manager for Bentley Foods is comfortable using the .05 significance level. Should the null hypothesis be rejected?
e. At this significance level, what is the critical sample proportion ?

Group Time Activities: Inquiry and Higher Order Thinking Skills

42). Paul (1990)
asserts that a teacher’s effective use of inquiry can cultivate and
stimulate thinking processes in students.
Review the higher order thinking skills defined in “A
Model of Learning Objectives, based on A Taxonomy for Learning,
Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational
Also, review the video clips of group-learning below:
Small Group Oral Language Sample for Early Childhood Education
Technology in Early Childhood Family Education Classrooms
Introduction to Large-Group Time

Identify three different levels of thinking that children demonstrate in
each video.  Based on your experience in early childhood education and
based on your reading, describe how teachers can encourage higher order
thinking skills in young children and the role of technology in this
In your discussion post, consider the following:Which higher order thinking skills are most important for teachers to encourage?
What higher order thinking skills do you see in the videos?
How can teachers make use of inquiry to facilitate the development of higher order thinking skills?
Provide specific examples of questions that stimulate this kind of thinking and analysis.
Describe how technology should be used in the early childhood
classroom and how it relates to the development of higher order thinking
Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’
posts and evaluate their lists of questions in terms of Bloom’s
taxonomy.  Respond to at least two of your classmates by comparing your
view of how technology facilitates higher order thinking skills to their
Norris, S.P. (1985).  Synthesis of Research on Critical Thinking.  Educational Leadership, 42, 40-45.  Retrieved from EBSCOhost database.
Paul, R. (1990).  Critical Thinking: What Every Person Needs to Survive in a Rapidly Changing World. Rohnert Park, CA: Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique.

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