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Leadership Recommendations and conclusion

Paper details I need to write a paper on recommendations I would suggest for Neville Chamberlain (UK prime minister) to become an effective leader and recommendations I would offer Winston Churchill to continue remaining effective. After that, I need a paper summary (conclusion). These are my sections of a group paper. I am examining effectiveness through the three lenses of leadership found here: So, each one of these lenses needs to be explored in the recommendations and paper summary. The thesis is something like this: In this paper, we will investigate the leadership effectiveness of Churchill and the ineffectiveness of Chamberlain through the three lenses proposed by Blake (2015) with the support of other various leadership theories.

Lab dqweek 4 and reply

Paper details Discussion: Finding Gaps in the Literature
In this week’s Discussion, you continue your search process and add another layer of investigation. The library search process is fundamental to developing your knowledge of our research area. Another crucial skill is being able to identify research gaps. As you review the articles you have found, consider which areas in the topic you are investigating have not been addressed adequately. As you consider possible gaps, try to identify those areas that are unexplored but are also feasible to pursue and also interesting to you and the scientific community engaged in this academic conversation.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Return to the Walden library and conduct a search using the same key words and terms you used in the Week 3 Discussion but include the words “literature review” or “systematic review” in your search. This will bring up reviews of the literature in the area.
Read two review articles related to your topic.
Consider: Can you identify what may constitute a gap in the literature?
Search in the library again and see if you find any studies that address the gap you have identified. If so, try again until you find what you consider a true gap and two articles related to the gap in some way.
Review Chapter 1, “The Dissertation” (p. 6), in the Stadtlander text.
Review the blog post “Defining a Gap in the Literature: On Proving the Presence of an Absence.”
Review the media piece Literature Reviews: Common Errors Made When Conducting a Literature Review.
Note: In Week 6, you will be using one of your review articles to create an Annotated Bibliography as part of the Final Assignment and to be posted in the Week 6 Discussion.

By Day 3
Post by Day 3 a description of:

How you went about your search this week
The keywords and terms used
The gap you identified and an explanation of why you believe it is a true gap

My topic is :Computer literacy in adults.

Here are the required reading for the paper:

Required Readings
Stadtlander, L. M. (2015). Finding your way to a Ph.D.: Advice from the dissertation mentor. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Chapter 1, “The Dissertation” (p. 6)
McIndoo, T. (2014, July 8). Defining a gap in the literature: On proving the presence of an absence [Blog post]. Walden University Writing Center. Retrieved from

Required Media
Walden University Center for Research Quality. (2015a, January 23). Literature reviews: Common errors made when conducting a literature review [Video file]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 13 minutes.

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