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Legal Systems and Its Effect on Youth with Emotional Behavioral Disorder

Paper details These papers are intended to demonstrate the candidates ability to synthesize, evaluate, apply and communicate the research of others to enhance their own and others understanding of subjects relevant to the field of special education. The analysis will be written using the template provided. Each week’s analysis will be submitted prior to weekly chat. Be sure to follow APA format and include a cover page for each paper as well as reference page for any resources you used to complete the template.

Anti-Gun Control

Paper details This paper is expected to be a research-based paper utilizing reliable sources and APA formatting (several helpful links have been posted to Moodle to assist you). This paper will be submitted to a plagiarism checker in Moodle. Look at your similarity score. If your score is above 10% you need to fix your paper and resubmit to the plagiarism checker again prior to the due date. Any paper that is found to be plagiarized will receive a “0”. If you do not include in-text citations (but do include a reference page), there will be an automatic deduction of 50%.

This writing assignment is designed to require students to think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate empirical and quantitative skills and assess social responsibility.

There will be several “parts” to this paper that you will submit throughout the semester. Please look at the due dates calendar posted in Moodle to see when these “parts” will be due: topic selection, paper resources, paper outline, and final paper.

Technical Aspects: (25 points)

Minimum 3 pages typed text PLUS cover page and reference page (maximum 5 pages of text)Minimum 5 reliable/academic sources (in-text citations and references required) APA format – at least 3 of these sources must be from academic journals (Check out the Library Databases)12 point fontTimes New RomanDouble spacedStandard marginsCollege appropriate spelling/grammar/sentence structure (proofread your paper)

Content: (75 points; 25 points per section)

Social Issue

– You will select a topic for your paper from the list provided in Moodle. Try to pick something that you might find interesting. Each of the topics listed are current social issues. You will look at the social issue from an objective point of view. Your job in this paper is not to persuade, but rather the inform your reader about the issue using sociological theory, current data/statistics, and critical analysis. Pay particular attention to the sections is bold below.

Your paper should be broken down into these parts:

Part 1:

IntroductionDefine and justifyWhat is the issue and why is it significant to SOCIETY?This section should include an explanation of the issue using sociological theory and terminology.

Part 2:

Examination of both sides of the issueWhat are the arguments and what is the evidence? Evidence should be data driven. This is the scientific portion of your paper and should not contain your opinions. A reader should not be able to discern which position you support. You must include statistical data to represent both sides of this issue. Do not just include numbers, you must also analyze what the numbers mean.Be aware of the quality of sources that you use – Garbage in = garbage out!Utilize online databases that contain scholarly information (check with your library: EBSCO; Opposing Viewpoints; google scholar)

Part 3:

Conclusion/critical analysisStrongest arguments/weakest arguments and why?What’s rational/logical – supported by the evidence?What’s emotional – not supported by evidence?Is there an underlying issue of importance – can you make any inferences about the issue?Should we try to resolve the issue or not – why? How?Do we have a responsibility to address this issue as a society? How could it be addressed (realistically)?Give your educated opinion on the future of this issue. What happens if you do nothing vs something? (this must be supported by evidence)

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