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Lesson Plan about the History of Discrete Mathematics

A. Using the attached lesson plan format, create an original lesson plan to describe the historical development of Discrete Mathematics. The lesson will include:
Note: For the purpose of this assignment, non-Western cultures includes every culture except American and English cultures.
1. Lesson title, purpose of the lesson, and objectives(s).
2. Discuss contributions from diverse (i.e., non-Western) cultures and how the non-Western cultures used this aspect of mathematics.
3. Instructional procedures, including script, or class participation.
4. Implications on modern mathematics.
Note: Be sure to review the rubric prior to submitting your work for evaluation to ensure that you have included all the components required in your lesson plan.
B. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.
lesson plan format (5).rtf 

Mrs Brenda Goddard Problem Conversation

My hours of work are 9.00 am to 2:00 pm but since comming back to work he will only let me work for 2 hours a day I have a long history with this company and have been working on and off since 2000 he has asked me to come back after my husband passed away ( we retierd as my husband was not well) and My boss asked me to go back to him I dont know what do do about going back in after the holiday

I need a response to the below Statement: Understanding the mission statement and vision of the organization is the first step in strategic planning (Taugher Change, 2009). Strategic planning cannot b

Strategic planning cannot be successful unless everyone understands why the organization exists and its future goals. Following a review of the mission statement, the next step would be to examine data from internal and external sources to obtain an accurate picture of the organization’s current position within its industry (Olsen, 2012). The following step would be to determine where the organization wants to be in the future, and a clear understanding of the vision is required for this step (Olsen, 2012). Organizational-wide strategies with long-term and short-term goals must be developed (Olsen, 2012). The action plan must be clear to all organization members, with predetermined and scheduled review dates to ensure that the goals are met and what is and is not working (Olsen, 2012).
           The case study includes strategic planning elements such as understanding Southwest Airlines’ mission and vision to provide friendly customer service delivered with warmth and smiles at a lower cost than traveling by car on the interstate (Heskett

Unpublished Facebook Business Page

com by facebook, without giving us any reason.
Upon appealing we recieved a reply saying that our Page “received strong negative feedback from users and their friends”.
It also said that the deccision is final.
This was completely surprising to us because our fans are all very loyal. Most of our fans are coming from our own website – which is a hugely popular portal for football (or soccer) fans around the world. We had 79,358 fans on facebook.
The content on our facebook page is top class. We are always very respectful. We never spam or post any offensive content.
However, due to the nature of the topic, which is football, naturally there is rivalry between fans of different teams.
That means, when we post a positive news about one team, a fan from the rival team will not like this post and report it to facebook.
Clearly this does not constitute to “bad user expirience” as the automated message has described it.
We are absolutely legitimate page without any kind of trickery involved. We do not promote hate, abuse, racism or anything of that kind. 

It seems that there is no use using online forms located on facebook trying to get a response from a real human being.
We’ve only recieved one response and it looked like it was generated by a computer.
So we would like to hire a lawyer, who can help us get our page back. We know that some people lost their pages similar way as we did, and got their pages back through lawyers, so we are hoping that you could help us. 

Speed Limit and Noise Problems Processing Methods SKF Bearings Discussion

Which can provide all variety of bearing,consists of Deep Groove Ball Bearing?Taper Roller Bearings?Spherical Roller Bearing?Needle Roller Bearing?Angular Contact Ball Bearing?Cylindrical Roller Bearing?Thrust Roller Bearing,and The other.Today we will talk about Speed ??limit and noise problems processing methods SKF bearings.
     ( 1 ) sound and control raceway raceway bearings sound is when the bearing during operation , a continuous sound slippery rolling body raceway issued rolling , rolling bearings will happen is that all the basic characteristic sound. General bearing raceway acoustic sound that is coupled with other sounds. Ball bearing raceway sound is irregular , the frequency of 1000Hz above , it is not the main frequency varies with the speed , but the overall sound pressure level increases with speed faster. Bearing raceway loud , its rolling sound pressure level decreases with the increase in viscosity ; while the sound of a small roller bearings SKF , its level increased in viscosity to about 20mm2 / s or more, by the reduction to be increased . Bearing rigidity , the lower the total sound pressure level raceway . If the radial clearance is too small, raceway total sound pressure level and decrease in frequency with the main radial clearance increased dramatically . Methods to control raceway sound are: selection of low-noise bearings that waviness small bearings, carefully selecting conditions of use. Often affect the entire raceway sound mechanical noise reducing sound raceway can reduce the overall mechanical noise . Impact sound and control 
     ( 2 ) the larger models rolling ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings at low speed in a pure radial load , due to the centrifugal force smaller rolling , rolling in a non- load zone will the impact of cage or raceway and noisy . But with the increase speed, the sound will disappear . Rolling on the impact sound control methods are: appropriate to reduce the radial clearance, the use of reasonable structure and supple material bearing cage . Jarring sound and control jarring sound
     ( 3 ) of the bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing metal friction sound shrill could happen in all cases , mostly in larger models greased SKF bearings , and in the base oil grease performance degradation occurs more hardly occurs when the oil lubrication. In addition, more prone to winter , when the pure radial load, radial clearance prone to big occasions , and with different types of size , in a particular speed range likely to occur , both will occur continuously intermittent will appear . The outer ring raceway take special processing methods to prevent the emergence of creaks , the choice of the bearings if necessary or appropriate to reduce the bearing radial clearance , excellent performance grease and improve the rigidity of the bearing mating parts . Lubricated bearing lubrication methods are roughly divided into two types of grease and oil . Bearing functions into full play , it is important to use reduced and the use of mesh, using lubrication method . Grease is the base oil, thickener and additives lubricants. When selected , choose well-suited for use with grease bearing conditions , different brands , will also have a big difference in performance, choose , it must be noted . Bearing grease used calcium -based grease , grease , sodium , calcium and sodium based grease , lithium grease , aluminum grease and molybdenum disulfide grease . SKF bearing grease fill quantity to fill the space inside the bearing 1/2-1/3 as appropriate. Should reduce speed to 1 /3. Excessive grease will make the temperature increased. When working temperature selection grease, key indicators should be dropping point , oxidation stability and low temperature performance, drop point is generally used to evaluate the performance of high-temperature , bearing temperature should be lower than the actual drop point 10-20 ?. Synthetic Grease temperature should be below the dropping point 20-30 ?. Select the load bearing grease , heavy duty should be selected for the penetration of small grease. In addition to the small penetration , but also has high film strength and extreme pressure performance when working under high pressure . High-speed , high-temperature conditions have been greased oil lubrication can be suited . Oil circulation , can take a lot of heat . Viscosity is an important characteristic of lubricating viscosity directly affects the size of the oil flow between the friction surface and form a film thickness of the lubricant viscosity lower bearing operating temperature is generally 12-15cst. The higher the speed should be selected lower viscosity , heavier loads should be selected high viscosity.Oil lubrication method comprising:. A lubricating oil bath lubrication is the most common method for low-, medium-speed bearings lubricated bearing part of the dip tank, the oil with the rotation of the bearing parts from SKF, and then flows back to the oil tank to be slightly less than the minimum rolling center. b. drip lubrication need for rationing oil bearing components, usually every 3-8 seconds drip drop amount is appropriate, too much oil will cause the bearing temperature increased. c. circulating oil lubrication oil pump filtered oil to the bearing components, the bearing lubricant and then filtered after cooling to use. Cycle oil may take some heat, the bearing cool down, therefore the law applicable to high speed and bearing components. d. spray drying compressed air through the spray lubricating oil mixed with the formation of oil mist, spray bearings, air can effectively cool and make SKF bearings to prevent intrusion of impurities. This method is suitable for high-speed, high-temperature lubrication of the bearing components.

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