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Linking Trends and Issues Through Research, Part 3

Paper details To begin this assignment, choose one specific trend or issue relating to adolescent health OR adolescent family/peer relationships. It can be one that you studied in this course or it can be another issue or trend of interest to you. Using the school Library and/or Internet/print resources, locate a recent article or research study that draws a connection between your chosen trend/issue and the larger world as it affects adolescents, specifically technology/media influences (e.g. media use, cyberbullying, etc.) or issues related to the transition to adulthood. (Note: You may want to look ahead to next week’s Learning Resources for ideas regarding the transition to adulthood.)

After you have chosen the article, write a 3- to 4-page summary and analysis of the article that includes responses to the following questions:

What specific connection(s) does the article draw between your chosen health or relationship trend/issue and a trend/issue related to the larger world? Provide a brief summary.
Do these findings surprise you or confirm what you already suspected? Explain.
What are the implications of these findings for practice in schools, homes, youth programs, etc.? Identify and describe at least two specific implications, including at least one for professionals who work with adolescents in a setting of your choice.
Do you think further research is needed? If so, why, and what kind? If not, why not?

W4: Budgets and Sponsorships

Paper details Please describe what should be included in an event budget. Choose a particular sport organization or team, and write a very brief budget of the major sources of revenue and expenditures.

How much might your organization need in sponsorships? What would you include in a sponsorship proposal?

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