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Literary Interview

Paper details Refer to the requirements for the Topic 8 Dissertation Development assignment and develop a search strategy for completing this assignment. As you search for articles to complete your Topic 8 Dissertation Development assignment, it is worth considering how and where you conduct your searches. Beyond using keyword searches and “mining” the reference list for additional publications, you can find journals that publish in your specific field. For example, in the area of psychology, the American Psychological Association (APA) has divisions that are devoted to different areas of psychology and many of those divisions publish journals with peer-reviewed empirical research articles. These journals are often highly rated and serve as a conduit to literature specific to your field. Go to the APA website and find the division(s) that most closely match your emphasis area (and topic) and review what journals are available. What did you find? How does this type of search allow you to identify relevant literature? How does this add to your understanding of the expansiveness of your field of study and the literature available to determine the need for a study? Explain.


Paper details 1. Go to
2. Click “Follow this link if you wish to complete the original IPIP-NEO”
3. Go to the 4th “bulleted” line on the page and click “take the shorter version”
4. Click “yes” to both queries on the page that comes up, go to the bottom of the page and click SEND. That will activate the first 60 items of the test.
5. Look over your results and write brief paper (3 pages) about how accurately you think the results describe your personality. Include your impressions of the system’s primary strengths and weaknesses in terms of describing you and as a research tool in personality psychology. You must also address comparisons to your MBTI results

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