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Living in Sin

Paper details Consider the poems assigned for this lesson and choose one that you are interested in or intrigued by.

Find at least two images and/or symbols within the poem.

Write a 200-300 word one-paragraph analysis of the poem’s use of imagery and/or symbolism. Your analysis should include a topic sentence, examples from the poem, internal citations, and analysis. Do not consult any outside sources for this assignment, which should be submitted as an attached Word document in MLA format. Include the name of the poem and poet.

Remember that an analysis of literary elements includes your explaining what they mean and why they are important. If, for example, you have identified a door as a symbol, be sure to explain how it is used in the poem, what it symbolizes, and how it relates to the poem’s overall meaning. Include quotes from the poem, but rely mostly on your own analysis of how and why the poet used the symbol.

Topic sentence template: “Poem ABC” by Poet Lady uses _____________ (imagery or symbolism) to convey the ____________ (idea, feeling, or concept) of _____________.

Assignment 2 Informative Report Social media in the workplace

Due: Week 7 Points: 175
Skill Being Assessed: Communication
What to submit/deliverables: Webtext assignment templates compiled into one Word document
What is the value of doing this assignment?
Communication is among the top job skills that employers are seeking. By focusing on the writing
process (prewrite, draft, revise) to generate a formal report, you are learning the skills needed to
produce a variety of academic and professional communications—like papers, memos, and
emails. All of these types of communication are formal and have the same basic structure
(introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion). By using this structure, employing the writing
process, and writing clearly and concisely, you will ensure that your messages are effectively
Your goal for this assignment is to: Develop informative writing that is coherent and appropriate
for a specific audience.
Step 1: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 4.
Step 2: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 5.
Step 3: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 6.
Step 4: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 7.
Step 5: Download your completed assignment from the webtext.
? You must finish all assignment templates (Chapters 4–7) before you are able to download
your completed assignment.
? Your assignment download from the webtext will be a Word document—available after
you complete the last template for Assignment 2 in the webtext.
Step 6: Navigate to Blackboard (Week 7 – SUBMIT section), upload your Word document, and
submit your assignment.

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