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M3 – COVID Vaccinations and Testing

Paper details Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate and explain how the core determinants of health are impacting the health of your target population utilizing the picture below. Note that you should briefly review all of the determinants and then choose the ones that impact your target group to talk about in the assignment. NOTE That the core de-ter-min-ants of health are not the same as the det-ri-ments of health. If you say det-ri-ments of health in your presentation you will lose points for pronunciation error because detriments are NOT the same as determinants. Be sure to review the link information in the classroom on Core Determinants of Health. You will then use the power point you created as a visual and record your voice, narrating your power point.

3. The presentation should be between 5 and 7 minutes in length. Use a recording platform of your choice (note that screencast-o-matic is the easiest) and either upload as an mp4 or share the link directly to the video in the drop box.

If you do not know how to create a screencast, note that there are tutorials on the website and also here is a short webinar link to click with information on how to use screencast-o-matic:

You will be using this sort of recording many times, so be sure that you understand how to use it.

***Please do not record as voice-over on the PowerPoint platform, because this cannot be saved in mp4 format or a link.*** If you submit your assignment as a PowerPoint with voice over recording you will not receive credit for your assignment (or partial credit as you did not meet the full requirements of the assignment.)

Health Disparities-Maternal and Infant Mortalities

Paper details The United States has the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality compared with other developed nations. Read the below article from the New York Times Magazine. It describes health disparities around maternal and infant mortality in black women- a group that suffers from high rates of poor pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Discuss the causes of maternal and infant health disparities in black women in America. Compare rates of maternal and infant mortality data for your community broken down by race and ethnicity. What are the goals the nation has set to address this disparity and what are we doing to address it (see Healthy People)? Discuss the role of institutional racism as an underlying contributor to poor health outcomes for black women and infants.

How can health policy be used to decrease these health disparities? Identify current policies and other ideas you may have that be helpful.

Week 15 Assignment 1: Major Case Analysis

Paper details The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to analyze and synthesize the components of a complete psychiatric assessment with clinical interventions, based on evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and theoretical knowledge. This assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to complete a full mental health assessment of your selected client’s current, psychological, physical, and social functioning. You should be able to demonstrate critical thinking and to correlate theory and practice.
1. Select a client or case that you have worked within either your practice or your practicum setting. Ensure that you correctly redact the appropriate information (name, etc.).
2. Prepare a full mental health evaluation on your client. Use the resources presented in the course to help guide your evaluation. Kaplan

COVID Vaccinations and Testing

Paper details Discussion Question:

What are the processes and the criteria you will use to select your target audience? What is your personal and/or professional connection to your target audience?

Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

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