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Management Philosophy Revisited

Paper details For this week, take into consideration what you have learned through the course materials, classroom experience, and/or and the internship experience and take another look at the management philosophy you developed in the second week of the class.
The intent of the assignment is not to reiterate what you described before in week two. The aim of this exercise is to examine how your philosophy may have been expanded or reaffirmed based on what you have learned as well as how your philosophy may be used to make an impact.

1.How would you describe the utilization of your philosophy?
2.Would you make any changes to your stated philosophy?
—- No
3.Whether yes or no, justify your decision based on your learning and experiences.

Question and Answer Exam

Paper details SOCI 101 Essay Exam 250 Point Section. Please answer 3 of 4 questions in essay format. The answer should be submitted in a typed, double-spaced format, in a MS Word document. Each answer should be 250 to 500 words in length (1 to 2 pages). The answered question is worth up to 25 points. You may use any source available to you. However, all answers can be done utilizing your textbook and/or PowerPoints. Please make sure to cite your sources. Good luck. 2. Describe Robert Merton’s theory of deviance. 3. Please discuss the realities of gender inequality in the workplace. Why do women earn less than men? 4. What are the basic concepts in the study of race and ethnicity? How do sociologists think about racism? You cannot use LumenLearning or Though.Co, if used there will be plenty of points deducted due to the fact of these sites providing partially correct information. DO NOT USE. Make sure sources are all have real information that isn’t edited or false, points will be deducted if so.

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