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Managerial role in patient care

Write a 2-page paper

Discussing the manager’s role in improving a patient’s experience in any patient care setting.

Your paper must be 2 pages double spaced (no more, no less), font 12, with 2 scholarly references — see one of the initial announcements that was posted with specifics related to assignments as well as the syllabus.

Your assignments must follow APA style of writing and formatting. While you may use the text for a short part of the paper (i.e., no more than a few short paragraphs, or, a fourth of a page at most), it is preferable that you do not as the purpose of the assignment is to add to your knowledge base. Google what a scholarly reference is — note: it is not a magazine, Wikipedia, or blog, for instance. Links must be live or accessible

Disability Awareness Simulation Assignment

Paper details Disability Awareness Paper
This is a 4 page paper–a 1000 word minimum requirement. The paper should be in APA Format. Please see the Purdue Owl Website for accurate information on how to format an APA paper. You will need to include a title page in addition to your 4 pages of text and a references page if applicable. No abstract is required.
This assignment will allow you a glimpse of daily life for a person who uses a wheelchair.
INSTRUCTIONS: You are to simulate paraplegia for 2 hours and simulate being an assistant to an individual in a wheelchair for 2 hours.
You will need to find a partner for this activity. (After reading these instructions, go to the Discussion Board in THIS module to find a partner for this activity. Post your choice of partner and where you will obtain a wheelchair). You and your partner will schedule a day together (4 hours) where you can complete the exercises listed below. You may team up with another member of the class (preferred) OR someone you know outside of class (if it is not feasible to work with a classmate).
You will need to obtain a wheelchair. If you do not have one that you can borrow, you may rent wheelchairs for a small fee from many Medical Supply Companies. Look up “wheelchair rental” on the internet.
Your partner and you should take turns using the chair for 2 hours each, alternating who is using the wheelchair user and who is the assistant.
You must do the following activities while using the wheelchair: A. Ride public transportation (Bart or the bus). B. Purchase something at a store. C. Eat at a restaurant. Going to a Mall would allow you to make the most of your time. You may NOT go to a movie (takes too much time).
Write a minimum 4 page paper about your experiences completing the above tasks. This paper is NOT about what you did but what you experienced and how it made you FEEL. It must also include what you saw and experienced as the ASSISTANT.
Blind Dining Experience
Since the local restaurant that provided the Blind Dining Experience has recently closed, you may simulate a blind dining experience in your home. To do so, follow these instructions:
Invite over two friends or family members. One friend will act as food server, and one friend can dine with you.
Cook or buy a complete dinner that includes a few courses, such as salad or soup, bread, a main entree, and dessert.
Eat each course either blindfolded or in the dark, making sure to pay attention to the experience. How does lack of sight cause your eating experience to be different? What advantages did you notice? What disadvantages did you encounter? In what ways are you more aware of the experience of those with a visual disability?
Write a minimum 4 page paper about your experiences completing the above tasks. This paper is NOT about what you did but what you experienced and how it made you FEEL. It must also include what your assistants experienced.

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