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Paper details The purpose of this assignment is to broaden the student nurse or RN’s continuing education experience
to enhance professional growth through analysis of a case of incivility and/or bullying in the workplace. Students
demonstrate a solution-based approach related to the issue of incivility/bullying to improve team work and ultimately
patient safety/positive outcomes.

Please read the assignment in its entirety prior to initiating the activity.
• Step one: View the three PACERS (Passionate About Creating Environments of Respect and CivilitieS)
(One hour in length for all three) and review Managing Difficulty Conversations (PACERS, 2015) in Week 8 of the
• Step two: The topic for your first post will be a summary of an instance of incivility or bullying that you have
experienced either personally as a collaborator (as defined by the PACERS [2015]) or as a bystander in the
workplace or as a student.
o Using the PACERS’ (2015) method of planning a respectful conversation describe how the situation could
have been addressed to improve teamwork using the three step delivery method of
▪ Situation
▪ Background
▪ Impact
You will also need to include an APA reference list at the bottom of your post to the extent possible in Bb DB
format (i.e. no indenting or double spacing).
• Step three: Post your summary and PACERS’ aligned analysis of the instance of incivility or bullying
• Step four: Please review two other students’ initial posts (first select students who have not already
received responses to their initial post) and respond to the following prompt –
a) What did you appreciate about your colleague’s PACERS’ (2015) approach to respectful conversation?
b) Complete the discussion with a specific statement of one step you will take to reduce incivility
and bullying in the workplace (initial post with 4 responses = 5 posts).
PACERS. (2015). Managing difficult conversations. Retrieved from

quality improvement

Paper details Quality Improvement (QI) PPT Presentation 30 PTS
You are to develop a 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation with voice over on a QI Proposal. Use the PDCA Method located on page 188-190 of your textbook. Think of a clinical issue in your practice that you feel needs improvement. Use the 4 step process of PDCA to develop your proposal. Plan, Do. Check and Act. Use proper grammar, spelling and APA format. Late assignments will receive a zero (0). Keep slides simple and professional. No cartoons, or “funny” pictures.

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