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Consider review question 8 from Chapter 6:
What is revenue management, how does it work, and what type of service operations benefit most from good revenue management systems and why
 Why are ethical concerns and fairness perception important issues when designing service pricing schedules and revenue management strategies? What are potential consumer responses to service pricing schedules or policies perceived as unfair?
2.Marketing communications for manufacturing make the potential consumers aware of new products or improved products for purchase. However, a services organization does not sell a tangible product and must design a marketing communications strategy to promote intangible services. 
Describe the ways that a services marketing communications strategy differs from that of a manufacturing firm. 
Identify four common educational and promotional objectives in service settings, and provide a specific example for each objective you list


I like the idea of the child being 12 years old, but what if she came up missing after school. What if she was suppose to walk home from school. We can trace her steps from the school where she was last seen. And suppose the school has survelience cameras. We could see who is the last person she talked to. Then to complicate things lets have the parents going through a divorce so we will need to locate the father to eliminate him as a suspect. We could interview teachers and close friends. After talking to a friend the kidnapped victim was walking home with we find out the last place her friend saw her. Then we ask neighbors if they seen the picture of the girl missing. Then a neighbor tells us that around the time she came up missing he saw a white van with no windows speed past his house when he was getting the mail. The witness caught a glimps of the driver, but has a good discription of the Van. He said the only person in the neighborhood who had a Van like the one he saw was a neighbor named Bill who had a painting business. Bill’s van wasn’t white though it was blue. After running information on the neighbor Bill they find he is a registered sex offender that lives two houses down from the missing child. When they check Bill’s house no one is home. He has his trash at the curb already for the pick up the next day. An officer opens the trash can and finds empty white spray paint bottles inside.  With the information collected we could start an Amber Alert, and follow leads that help us find the girl.

CIS568 Information Systems Concepts

 I have upload the the material need for both question.  Based on Kohli and Melville
(2009), how does innovation assist in supporting business functions and
improving overall business performance? How can businesses use this
approach successfully when employees might doubt the usefulness of these

Based on Arnsparger and Linton
(2009), implementing a system locally is fraught with difficulty. What are
the key elements to review when actually trying to implement on a global
level? What are the steps to be followed and how would you relate this
information to your own business?

linton.pdf p122-kohli.pdf 

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FOR THE QUESTION(1-2 PARAGAPH) : identify a piece of media (written, video, interactive, etc.) you feel effectively uses rhetoric and language to relay a message. Provide an analysis of the media, explaining how language and rhetoric are employed within the piece and what, in your opinion, makes it effective. Be sure to provide a link that can be followed to the media you are analyzing.

Early Childhood Education NAEYC accreditation

Currently, your staff members rely heavily on direct, whole-group instruction to teach children new concepts.  Your job is to encourage teachers to create more child-centered, developmentally appropriate classroom environments by demonstrating the benefits of child-centered learning.In your post you will first describe a traditional, direct instruction activity and its learning outcome (e.g., students will read a book about plants and name the parts of a plant). Then describe how teachers could meet the same outcome using a child-directed strategy. These strategies include exploratory play, guided discovery, problem solving, and discussions. 

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