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Math Homework help! spheres volume

The radius of Jupiter is approximately 44,400 miles. Since the radius of Jupiter is more than 11 times that of the earth, which comes closest to the volume of Jupiter ?

About 12 times that of the earthB)
About 150 times that of the earthC)
About 600 times that of the earthD)
About 1300 times that of the earth

Developing a Positive Learning Environment

Paper details Establishing a positive classroom community allows children to feel safe and secure in their school environment. It is not only important to do this at the beginning of the year when students are acclimating to their new environment, but throughout the year as well.

For this assignment, choose a grade from pre-K–Grade 3 and use the “Class Profile” and “COE Lesson Plan Template” to create a lesson that promotes a positive classroom community. Consider what rules and routines you plan to have in your future classroom, especially those that promote a climate of positive interaction, engagement, and motivation.

Your lesson plan should include:

An introduction or reminder of the classroom rules.
Developmentally appropriate, engaging, and motivational instruction to teach students established rules and behavior expectations.
At least one technological tool used to engage students in exploring real-world situations, and improve student learning for the diverse learning needs of students described in the “Class Profile.”
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Literature Review

It then describes
the major findings in the area understudy. Basically, a Literature Review lays the foundation for research by:

-offering a survey of the work that has
been completed by others

-supporting a rationale for a developing research
Requirements:One to two pages, no less than one

Double-spaced exactly, extra space
removed, 1 inch margins

Left-justified, tab in for paragraphs

Margins all around are one inch

Times New Roman or Garamond, Size 12

Introduction, followed by content
organized into coherent paragraphs, concluding with a research question
hypothesis, or argument

Complete sentences, subject/verb
agreement, consistent tense

In-text citations follows APA style

Reference list with a Minimum of five (5)

Children, Video Games and Violence

His parents allowed him to pick any two games. They knew the games might contain violence, because there was a violence rating sign posted on the games, but rationalized that they were only games and other kids play them. Greg would quickly finish dinner and run up to his room to play his games.
His parents were pleased to observe that Greg enjoyed their present so much. After a week, his parents noticed that he wasn’t turning off the videogames at bedtime, and had begun turning homework in late. He was up so late playing that he would not get up for school without argument. His parents decided that enough was enough and took the video games away. Greg threw temper tantrums and persuaded his parents to buy him a computer after convincing them that it was necessary to keep up at school. Greg soon returned to the same pattern of behavior where he spent long hours and late nights at the computer. This time, his parents felt a false sense of security that he was doing his homework. One day, his curious parents decided to scan the computer history to see what Web sites Greg was browsing. To their horror, they discovered that Greg was spending many hours online playing interactive, sometimes violently graphic, games on the Internet. He was also chatting with other “gamers”. Before confronting Greg about his behavior, his mother and father agreed to investigate what types of intervention strategies might be available within their community. They have come to you, a behavioral consultant, for advice.
Click to Read the Kaiser Family Foundation Study: Generation M2. Media in the Lives of 8- to 18- Year Olds.
Describe the issue of exposure to videogame violence in today’s society as related to Greg’s situation. Explore issues such as:
Prevalence (e.g., age, gender, racial diversity, etc.)
Given Greg’s developmental level, what are possible dangers of exposure to media violence? Be sure to address this in the context of his cognitive and socioemotional development.
Risk and protective factors, including predisposition to violence (e.g., are all children who play violent videogames likely to become more aggressive? What protective factors might mitigate the possible outcomes for Greg?
Discuss the possible outcomes if Greg’s behavior continues unchecked.
Discuss types of intervention strategies you would expect his parents to find at a community level, such as in community centers, schools, and social service agencies, to assist children like Greg who are at risk due to ongoing exposure to media violence.
What would be a good plan to recommend to Greg’s parents?
Compare the dangers of exposure to videogame violence with other forms of violence. What are similarities and differences between videogame violence exposure and the other type of violence you chose to compare?
What are the costs of videogame violence to the family and the community and society at large and the other form of violence you chose for comparison?
By Wednesday, November 27, 2013, format your paper in APA (6th edition) style, using information you learned in your textbook and from the Kaiser Family Foundation Study to support your response.  Your paper should be between 4 and 5 pages in length. Include a cover page, abstract, and reference list, which should cite any information used from your assigned textbook, Kaiser Family Foundation reference, and other sources such as online course content.
Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Discuss issues such as prevalence (i.e., age, gender, and racial differences).16
Discuss dangers of media violence in the context of Greg’s developmental level.20
Discuss risk and protective factors, including predisposition to violence.20
Discuss possible outcomes of continued exposure to videogame violence.20
Discuss the intervention strategies/services his parents could find at the community level.20
Recommend an intervention strategy for Greg.20
Compare videogame violence to another form of violence.20
Discuss societal costs of videogame and other form of violence chosen for comparison.20

Information literacy

Paper details Write Annotations for These Sources

Now, you will write annotations for the two scholarly articles and one e-book. Write the annotations in your own words on the Library Sources Annotated Bibliography template. The annotations must be two paragraphs long and must address the points below. Provide brief descriptions or explanations to support your answers:

Paragraph 1: Summarize

What kind of source is this?
What is the thesis or main claim of the source?
What evidence or claims does the source present in support of the thesis? Present at least two examples of support the source uses.
What other important claims does the source make?
Paragraph 2: Evaluate

How adequately does the source support its thesis?
How current is the information in the source relative to your research question?
How credible and authoritative is the source for your research question?
What limitations, if any, did you note in the source?
How does the source help answer your research question?

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