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Troubles in Retrieving Code

Whenever one of the internal links located in the header is clicked, some of the other links stop working. I have replicated this issue in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for Mac.
I have tried solutions such as floating elements but these do not work, probably because the links only stop working some of the time. After removing all javascript, the problem persists.
JSFiddle here –
*Note – Result section must be expanded in order to see layout in non-mobile view.
However, when removing styles, the links appear to work normally.
This leads me to believe that it is a CSS issue – code below:

Assignment Questions: 1. In your opinion, which of the five dysfunctions of a team would be the greatest barrier to virtual team productivity? Defend your answer. Absence of trust: Trust is considered

In your opinion, which of the five dysfunctions of a team would be the greatest barrier to virtual team productivity? Defend your answer.
Absence of trust: Trust is considered the foundation of effective teamwork.
Fear of conflict: Teams that lack trust are not capable of engaging in open, unfiltered debate.
Lack of commitment: When team members fail to voice their views openly during passionate debate, they rarely buy-in and commit to decisions.
Avoidance of accountability: Without commitment and buy-in, team members are often hesitant to call their peers on actions and behaviors that seem counterproductive to the good of the team.
Inattention to results: Failure to hold one another accountable creates an environment where team members put their own needs above the collective goals of the team.
2. What can be done to avoid information overload when a virtual team is made up of 25 or more members?
Research Paper Instructions:
IMPORTANT!!Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT.
Write a 1-2 page paper regarding your findings, using APA format. Your paper must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In addition, papers longer than 2 pages will not be read after the second page. As such, please ensure that all questions are answered within the first two pages, as your grade will be based on the first two pages received. Your paper must include a reference page, title page, and in-text citations for all listed references in accordance with the APA manual, 6th edition chapters 6 (citation formatting) and chapter 7 (reference/source formatting). 
Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting peer-reviewed references or sources (do NOT use Wikipedia, encyclopedias, unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as websites), include a reference section, and cite all listed references properly in your paper, in accordance with the 6th edition of the APA manual, chapters 6

Make a Case Study for Bob Hartley and Jumpstarter

became aware that its product
Jumpstart I– a pacemaker designed to regulate heartbeat within the body — had
begun to fail when the temperature rose to above normal body
temperature.  The company asked hospitals with unused units of Jumpstart I
to return them for credit and advised doctors to remove any Jumpstarter I
products that had been implanted in patients.

Bob Hartley required several major open chest surgeries to correct problems
that occurred because of the Jumpstart I.  After settlement
negotiations broke down, Hartley sued Jumpstarter, Inc.  Hartley claimed
that the Jumpstart I could have been made safer through inexpensive tests and
use of an alternative design. 

a. Plaintiffs:  Develop a case for Hartley.  On what theory
can he recover from Jumpstarter, Inc.?  What should his damages be?

b. Defendants:  What defenses can you assert for Jumpstarter Inc.?

c. Everyone:  Who will win?  Is it ethical to recall a
product and fight a lawsuit at the same time?

Give the Four Strategies of Reading Comprehension Strategy
1. Name four elements that can be used to teach comprehension. Explain how CSR addresses these four elements.
2. What are the four reading strategies that make up CSR? Explain each.
3. In this module, you learned about two methods of teaching group roles. a. Identify and describe both methods. b. Select the method you would use to teach group roles. Explain your preference.
4. Would you use CSR in your classroom? Why or why not?
Each question has more than one part please answer it all 

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