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Middle Adulthood

Describe each of these theories as it relates to middle adulthood. Compare and contrast these theories. Which one gives a better explanation of middle adulthood?
Describe how middle adulthood provides stability in a
person’s life. Explain some of the factors that would lead to stability
in a person’s life as he or she moves through middle age.
Describe some of the more common lifestyle issues
that have a negative impact on a person’s continued development.
Explain how a person may be able to reverse some of the lifestyle
Describe what is
meant by a midlife crisis. Explain why a midlife crisis may or may not
be critical.

Life Expectancy

According to the US Census Bureau (2009), by 2050,
20 percent of the total population will consist of people who are
sixty-five years or older. There are several issues that challenge
older adults from myths regarding aging to the significant life changes
such as retirement.

Explain some of the things that may change because of the increasing life expectancy and a growing older adult population.
Describe some of the myths that deal with both
physical and psychological aging. Explain some of the realities that
dispel these myths and identify how older adults are engaged in their
lives both in leisure and in work activities.
Explain some of the reasons individuals who are
sixty-five years or older are still part of the workforce, both from a
psychological and a social perspective? Identify ways in which older
adults are looking for other career options than simply retiring.

cross cultural

Does the ability of animals to use tools signify an intelligence level close to that of humans? Many people define intelligence as the ability to adapt to your environment, or make your environment serve your purposes. Is animal tool use symbolic of that definition of intelligence? Tool use in primates is particularly interesting because it sheds light on the abilities and lifestyles of early humans.

legal aspects of business decisions

, a United States producer of gem quality sapphires, set up a subsidiary holding company in the Cayman Islands (Junior, Ltd.) to control all of Goliath’s non-United States subsidiaries. Junior then entered into a cartel agreement with producers of sapphires in those countries (other than the US) where sapphires are found. The cartel agreement allocated markets and set prices for all sapphires sold outside of the United States. The United States government has now brought suit against both Goliath and Junior for violating the US Sherman Antitrust Act. Goliath answers that it was not a party to the cartel agreement and that the agreement does not affect the US market for sapphires. Junior answers that it is not subject to the jurisdiction of the US courts.

Are Goliath and Junior correct? Explain!

If they are incorrect, explain why.

What options do they have?

One of the problems that occur when businesses establish subsidiary companies in foreign countries is the issue of who is responsible for which company. The resolution of this issue has serious implications for all of the employees of both companies as well as the communities that both companies serve. Discuss the economic, political, social, and legal implications of this kind of situation.



The process of grieving differs depending on
cultural (social) norms. One way in which end-of-life has been
described is through Kübler-Ross five stages of dying.

Describe the dual-processing model regarding grief.
Explain how this model may explain somehow variations may differ across
Describe the Kübler-Ross five stages of dying.
Explain the differences if any in how the different age groups may deal
with end-of-life such as adolescence and older adults.

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