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Milestone 4

Paper details The state budget office has asked for a PowerPoint presentation to be given regarding storm activity with the goal of establishing a monetary reserve and allocating stand-by emergency resources in areas where they are needed most within the state.
Consider the following suggestions to prepare your assignment:

• Be sure to incorporate feedback received and match the needs and sophistication to an appropriate level of granularity and breadth.
• Implement a feedback mechanism that is completely appropriate for each audience to allow end users to learn from and interact with data.

Critical Elements:
To complete this assignment, use the available data and one of the recommended visual tools to address the following critical elements:

III. Implementation: Create the deliverables for each audience
a. Platform/media tool selection: Using each of the recommended delivery methods, create the final deliverable.
b. For the state budget office, this will be a PowerPoint file that includes speaker notes

Implement a feedback mechanism that is completely appropriate for each audience to allow end users to learn from and interact with data.

For a presentation, this can be a final slide with contact information or questions

**Follow the flow of the paper and use info for slides**

Policy Memorandum

Paper details Submit a 15- to 20-page memorandum to a decision maker, such as the president of the United States, a member of Congress, or a governor, on how to reform corporate ethics in American business today. As we have seen, legislation such as Sarbanes–Oxley has received considerable media attention but has not prevented such significant catastrophes as the global economic meltdown of 2008. Be prepared to propose policies that might help ameliorate or prevent corporate ethics lapses in the future. You will have the freedom to select any policy avenues that you think might help to strengthen and fortify corporate ethics, and your memo should set forth why your chosen policy pathway is important, articulate your ideas on how to remedy the issue of corporate malfeasance, and proffer some recommendations to the decision maker about how to improve overall corporate governance. Your prescription for change is not nearly as important as your ability to forecast potential challenges to the corporate board room and to predict possible ways the government could intervene to assist not only solid corporate governance but also the interests of individual shareholders. Be creative, synthesize course materials, and postulate ways to improve the corporate governance landscape from an ethical perspective.

Demonstrate reflective thinking about ethical issues impacting corporate America.
Articulate and advocate a proposed option or options to ameliorate ethical lapses in the corporate sector.
Persuasively argue your proposed remedy and defend your approach with arguments as to why your solution may help to address ethical lapses.
Speculate on why Sarbanes–Oxley may or may not be a proper remedy for ethical issues in the corporate sector.
Forecast potential challenges to sound corporate governance and predict ways the government could intervene to improve corporate governance and the interests of shareholders.
Draw conclusions from the results of your learning in the course and summarize them in your policy memorandum and final reflection response.

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