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MUL – Assignment # 1: Their Music

Paper details Their Music – Assignment

Do you have a relative or know somebody personally, now in their 60s, 70s, 80s, or perhaps their 90s? What kinds of music do you suppose they listened to as teenagers? What did “their” music mean to them? Let’s find out.
Use the Their Music worksheet for this assignment.
Interview an individual from an older generation. Have them respond to the questions in the “Their Music” column.
Then, answer those same questions, about your music in the “My Music” column. Please be as in depth as possible.
Finally, complete the “Comparisons” column indicating the similarities or differences between “Their Music” responses and “My Music” responses.
Typed all responses in the Their Music worksheet, save the file, and then upload the file

short response

Paper details After watching / listening to the Video or Audio, write a short, half to one page response on two of the selections you find interesting. Draw upon the reading from the text, to further illustrate your points when possible.
Video and audio links:
Topping the R

Answer the questions.

Paper details Watch the Elvis Presley clip of his performance on the Milton Berle show. Why is this such a provocative performance? What does Elvis represent to both the fans and naysayers here? Can you name any other artists today or in the recent past who generate equal controversy on such a level? Why do you think this remains such an issue in music today?

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Paper details about ella

Concert Report (Virtual Concert)

Paper details Listen critically and then translate your aural observations into a written report (500 word max). Make sure you include the performers’ names and specialties (which instruments they played or if they sung), the composers (if applicable), and the pieces performed (pieces grouped together on the program may be discussed together). Also address the performers’ presence on stage and the audience’s reaction.

Virtual concert:

Module 8 Discussion

Paper details Choose three questions from the list numbered 1 – 5 below. Create a new thread and post your response in the text area provided. Please note that each numbered item counts as one question and must be answered accordingly. The subject area should include a short reference to the question (e.g. Question #3 Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven ).

1.What technologies most contributed to the development of pop culture and pop music? Why?
2.Do you find commonalities between types of popular music? If so, what are they? If not, what makes them different.
3.What do you now know about a type of popular music that you did not know before?
4.Why do you think that Rock and Roll/Rhythm and Blues of the 1950s grew in different directions? How were they initially similar and what differences have developed?
5.Where do you foresee music going in the future? Will it change? How? Will it still reflect its society?

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