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MUL – Assignment # 5: Billie and Ella

Paper details Billie and Ella – Assignment

Download and complete the Billie Holiday/ Ella Fitzgerald Assignment Word document.
Typed all responses in the Word docx, save the file, and then upload the file
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MUL – Assignment # 3: Hardship and the Importance of Music

Paper details Hardship and the Importance of Music – Assignment

You’ve learned that it was important for African-Americans to attempt to retain their African musical traditions in America. In order to do so, they had to compromise, finding ways to blend their musical practices with European values regarding music, religion, and society.
Describe some of the incredible hardships Africans faced traveling against their will to America that you’ve learned. Unquestionably their journey was frightening beyond belief. Because they were not allowed to take possessions with them, how important do you think their musical traditions became to them on their journey? What did their music mean to them in a foreign land?
Next, describe when you many have been in an unfamiliar, frightening, or disappointing situation. Did you perhaps seek familiar music for comfort? Did music help you through those moments? Briefly describe a situation in which you may have sought music as an antidote to disappointment, or as magic to enhance a particular moment. What music did you choose? Does that that particular music still have a similar affect when you hear it now?
Your paper should be a minimum of two (2) paragraphs, double-spaced, written in 12 pt font, and must conform to MLA guidelines. Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs. Remember to begin with your thesis statement and purpose and end with a summary that restates your opening statement, using different words. Remember to use your own words–paraphrase all work and cite all sources. Your work will run through SafeAssign to check for plagiarism.
Type your paper into a Microsoft Word document, save the file and then upload the file.
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MUL – Assignment # 4: Your own Blues Lyrics

Paper details Your Own Blues Lyrics

You’ll notice that several stanza of lyrics are delivered in an AAB pattern. In other words, Blind Lemon sings a statement, repeats the statement, and then responds to the statement. Blues songs often follow this pattern, superimposing it over the standard Blues Form.
1. Listen to Blind Lemon Jefferson’s Matchbox Blues.

Watch Video
Blind Lemon Jefferson – Match Box Blues
Duration: (3:00)
User: ianlee73 – Added: 4/25/10
YouTube URL:
Matchbox Blues (second verse)
I’m settin’ here wonderin’ would a matchbox hold my clothes
I’m settin’ here wonderin’ would a matchbox hold my clothes
I ain’t got so many matches but I got so far to go
Could you write a blues song about the trials, tribulations, or successes of your daily life that tell a story in the blues tradition?
2. Try it! Use the AAB format to express yourself. Write at least three stanzas. Make sure that the last syllable of each line rhymes with the two lines above it.
3. Typed your verses in Microsoft Word doc., save the file, and then upload the file
4. Upload your file by clicking “Browse My Computer” for Attach File.
Here’s an example of one stanza of the blues.
(A)You wrote some blues, I bet you hope they’re good.
(A)You wrote some blues, I bet you hope they’re good.
(B)If you upload ’em here then you did just like you should.

MUL – Assignment # 2 – “Barbara Allen”

Paper details “Barbara Allen” – Assignment

Watch the videos below and answer the following questions:
Which version do you like best? Why?
Compare your favorite version of Barbara Allen to one of the other renditions.
How does your favorite version differ from the one you compared it to?
Typed all responses in a Word docx, save the file, and then upload the file
Upload your file by clicking “Browse My Computer” for Attach File.
NOTE: Only use the Comments area in Blackboard Learn for comments to your instructor; it is NOT for submitting your assignments.
A scene from a movie about folk song collecting. A young girl sings “Barbara Allen.”

Watch Video
Songcatcher – Emmy Rossum singing Barbara Allen
Duration: (1:02)
User: hytain – Added: 6/18/06
YouTube URL:
Recorded at Raiford Women’s Penitentiary in Florida 1939 featuring a state prisoner singing “Barbara Allen.”

Watch Video
Barbara Allen – Lomax Prison Recording
Duration: (2:40)
User: prewarmusic – Added: 2/18/08
YouTube URL:
A popular duo from the 1950s performing Barbara Allen.

Watch Video
Barbara Allen – The Everly Brothers
Duration: 4:40
User: n/a – Added: 3/6/15
YouTube URL:

Johnny Cash singing a version of Barbara Allen.

Watch Video
Johnny Cash – The Ballad Of Barbara
Duration: (4:26)
User: carters01 – Added: 2/24/07
YouTube URL:
Joan Baez singing Barbara Allen. She brought attention to the song and to folk music in America in the early 1960s.

Watch Video
AMERICAN MASTERS : Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound | …
Duration: (4:39)
User: pbs – Added: 10/8/09
YouTube URL:

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