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Paper details 1. Identify two different types of natural gas power plants and an estimate of the heat rate for each type of power plant. Assume each power plant is 250 MW. Explain and show how much fuel (MMBTU) is needed for each power plant to produce generation at a 50% capacity factor or utilization for each power plant.

2. In order to develop an understanding of the conversion of different fuels to kilowatt-hour of electricity, conduct the following analysis. Identify two different types of coal (i.e. different basins with different btu content). Develop an estimate of the quantity of coal (short ton) for both types of coal used to generate electricity from a coal power plant that has a heat rate of 10,000 btu/kwh.

Research Paper Analysis

Paper details Hi for the last time this is the end of the paper.
I need two sections each one page

Results Analysis

If you need the old papers with other sections, I can send it back. Thank you for your work.


Paper details I have a 13-Page assignment (Paper) due in 2 days. Paper consists of

1- Introduction about the Company selected (NVIDIA) and its history.
2-Overview of its performance through the years.
3-Discussion about NVIDIA (Demand Sales Cost and profit).
Sales Cost and profit are attached.

you can find some ratios, numbers, and figures that could help you through this website:

Micro ecomics

Paper details Objective: The purpose of this project is to (1) encourage you to see economics at work all around you in your daily life, and (2) sharpen your analytical skills in applying economic theory to real-world events. Task: Read The Gulf News, The National, or popular NEWSPAPERS from other countries, listen to the radio, watch TV, scan the internet and look for news events where you can see the principles and concepts we study in class playing out in business. Collect these articles or news events, and for each one explain how it is possible to see economic forces at work in the story. I am NOT looking for academic articles that explain economics. I am looking for articles that do not even mention economics, but that you can recognize the economics in the article because of what you have learned in the course. These articles must be published after june 7, 2021. You may not use articles that we have discussed in class. Grading: Each student is required to explain a certain number of concepts to be considered for a grade (5 different concepts from the list on the next page). After reaching the minimum number of concepts, the project will be graded for content, grammar, and spelling, neat and professional presentation, timeliness in turning it in. It must be submitted through SafeAssign. You do not have a “number of articles” requirement; you have a “number of concepts explained” requirement. There is a list of possible concepts on the reverse side. VERY IMPORTANT: To be considered for an A grade, each student must explain 5 concepts. Some concepts might be included in the same piece of news, no need to find 5 different news if it its not necessary. What have to be included in the explanation: – Definition of the concepts. – Why they are important. – Relationship to the news. – Short summary of the news. – Include a list of references used. ( I have attached the rubric and concepts to choose from along with the instructions.) Please keep in mind I am aiming for the highest grade possible. I am a second language speaker. Therefore, please avoid using difficult language.

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