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Neonate Aortic Stenosis

Paper details The paper needs to be between 6 to 10 pages. This does not include cover page or references the paper needs to be in APA format. 5 References must be used, the paper can cover the blood, pulmonary or systemic circulation, The functions of the Heart or the electrical activity of the heart. Please review the rubrics. I will have to submit this paper through Safe Assign and cannot be more than 30% on the plagiarism report

Create a data integration strategy that will ensure data are in a format that will satisfy a hospital’s integration needs.

Paper details Based on your knowledge, create a data integration strategy that will ensure data are in a format that will satisfy the hospital’s integration needs. In addition, the hospital system recently added several, new applications to complement their Electronic Health Record (EHR). One of the applications is Computer Assisted Coding where Natural Language Text Processing (NLP) will be applied. Voice Recognition and document imaging will also be applied as innovative data capture applications.

Your data integration strategy should be 8 pages in length (This includes cover and reference pages) and cover all of the following elements:
1. Ensure the standardization of data dictionaries to meet the needs of the enterprise.
2. Establish data architectural models for the enterprise.
3. Apply data capture technologies: Natural Language Text Processing (NLP),
voice recognition, and document imaging.
4. Demonstrate applicable clinical data standards theory and development.
5. Ensure data are in a format that will satisfy data integration needs:
• Interoperability
• Decision support
• Legacy systems
6. Describe clinical data and clinical process modeling:
• UML-Unified Modeling Language
• UP-Unified Process
7. Develop enterprise wide policies and procedures for collection, use, and maintenance of health care data.
8. Enable decision-makers to use data

I will do the cover page. Please include at least 5 academic references and be in APA7 format. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

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