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Paper details (All papers are written it just needs to be put in presentation form)
As part of your course project, you will have an opportunity to present your research and analysis to your instructor in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with notes pages completed. The notes pages should reflect the verbal presentation you would give if this were an in-person classroom presentation.

The PowerPoint slides should provide an overview of the 3 parts of your project. You should be able to present your profession as it relates to your nation of study and demonstrate your understanding of how global trends are affecting your profession, both as a whole and within your case study country. Make sure to include the current event articles and how they relate to your nation, profession, and global trend. Provide information about how this trend is playing out in your particular country and explaining how the local political, economic, cultural, and/or environmental context is affecting how the trend is developing there. Introduce your findings to your classmates in an accessible and engaging way.

Your presentation should include approximately 8-10 PowerPoint slides. Your slides needs to focus on key points, show data, and visuals. Again, the speaking part of your presentation needs to be written in the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation. All sources need to be listed in APA at the end of your PPT presentation, the reference slides are not counted as part of your 8-10 presentation slides.

Patho – Discussion 1

Paper details Discussion #1
Mr. K. is a 57-year-old man who consulted his physician after noticing marked leg pains while playing golf. He had previously noticed increasing fatigue and discomfort in his legs associated with moderate exercise. When sitting for extended periods with legs dangling, his legs became red, and sometimes his feet felt numb. His history indicates he smokes cigarettes and is chronically overweight. His blood cholesterol and other lipid levels are abnormal, and his physician suspects peripheral atherosclerosis as the cause of his discomfort.

Discussion Questions:

Discuss the development of atherosclerosis, including the predisposing factors in this case and the pathophysiological changes.

Discuss the complications that might develop in this patient. (Pathophysiology, Signs and Symptoms.)

Discuss the treatments for all aspects of the patient’s condition, including slowing the progress of the
atherosclerosis, maintaining circulation in the leg, and treating complications.

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