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Nursing Research/Critical Analysis

Paper details Will attach instructions, sample paper, and previous paper (part 2).

CON question: The Effect of Culture and Eating Habits on [Childhood or population] Obesity in [United States or state]

PICOT: In children aged 3 to 12 years old and their parents with a BMI of 85% or greater (P), could a comprehensive culturally competent education program about nutrition, activity, and stress and effect on weight (I), compared to usual practice (C ), improve readiness to change, food choices, quality of life, and reduce weight (I ), within one school year (T)?

Community Nursing

Paper details Watch the CDC Video on: ‘Learning Assessment Fundamentals’:

Upload your discussion on how you would integrate e-learning into patient teaching for the population you are caring for in the community. Include in your discussion how this would impact specific ethnic groups that are represented in the state of New York.
Webinar: Social Marketing Skills: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health: “Social Marketing and Public Health: Effective Campaigns and How they Work”:

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