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Obama comparative politics questions

Write your answers as complete sentences to the numbered questions below. Your full assignment should be about 1- 1 1/2 pages long
1.  Who is asking questions of the President, the political executive of the United States?
2. Describe how often US Presidents hold Press Conferences, and how this has changed over time.  Use the attached document “American Presidential Press Conferences over Time.” Why has it changed over time?
3. What did you think of the level of difficulty of the questions the President is being asked? Are the questions difficult, moderate, or easy?  Explain your answer.
4. Based on this media clip (and you may also include coverage of the State of the Union address) does the media hold the U.S. President to a High, Moderate, or Low level of accountability to the American people? Explain and support your answer in about 2 paragraphs

Economic value of a brand

 • Discuss with your colleagues how you think research can help your selected company understand its brand’s economic value in the marketplace. • Compare your client’s brand “personality” to a friend or a character in a movie, book, or cartoon. o How would you describe the brand relative to your friend or other character, and why? o Use a few adjectives to describe the brand’s personality. • Add one thing that you think your company has not researched well about its brand. Sub-Categories: Other

Owner’s Equity and Pensions

You were reviewing the financial statements to get yourself familiar with the company. While conducting the review, you had some concerns about their pension assets.  Member Company had pension assets of $14 million and vested pension obligation of $12 million, but the projected benefit obligation was about $16 million. The pension assets were underfunded because the obligations were $16 million compared to the assets of $14 million.You approached the controller Bill Jensen and said to him, “Bill, while reviewing the financial statements, I noticed that we have a problem with the pension assets being underfunded by $2 million. We have pension assets worth $14 million compared to our outstanding obligations of $16 million. We need to clean that up and put some more funds in the pension assets.”  Bill looked unconcerned. He replied, “I noticed that. No problem! Why don’t we fire the employees who are not vested because the vested pension obligation is $12 million compared to the pension assets of $14 million? What do you think?”• How should you respond? • What should you do? 

CRJ 422 Week 5 – Discussion 1 – Assessing Your Program Study

Explain, in two to threesentences (at minimum) for each outcome, how your course of study developedyour skills in accomplishing each of these program learning outcomes:

Analyze     criminal justice issues within the systems of law enforcement, the     judiciary, and corrections.

Evaluate     the application of the social justice principles of equality, solidarity,     and human rights toward building a just society.

Apply     knowledge of cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness to social and     criminal justice.

Deconstruct     the relationship between law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections.

Interpret     the relationship between social justice and criminal justice.

Develop     critical perspectives in the study of social and criminal justice by     drawing on the fields of criminology, law, philosophy, psychology,     science, and sociology.

Your initial post should be 150-200 words in length. Support your claims withexamples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, andproperly cite any references. Respond to at least two of your classmates’posts, by Day 7, by critically comparing the similarities and differencesbetween how your skills and your classmates’ skills have developed over thecourse of the program. Add any additional points that may encourage furtherconsideration.

CRJ 422 Week 5 – Discussion 2 – Resources and Recommendations

How do you plan to apply what you have learned to yourfuture profession? If you have already used information gained from your courseof study in your profession, share specific examples of the application ofknowledge and skills. What suggestions do you have to improve the Social andCriminal Justice program?In addition to this reflection, review the current event resources in theRequired Resources section of this week. Which of these resources do you planto use in the future? What are some additional news feeds or current eventresources that will help you stay informed on current trends and news in thefield?Your initial post should be 150-200 words in length. Support your claims withexamples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, andproperly cite any references. Substantively respond to at least two of yourclassmates’ by either commenting on the examples of how they have alreadyapplied these skills, or by offering additional possibilities for futureapplication that they have not yet considered. Reference the program learningoutcomes in Discussion 1 of Week Five, “Assessing Your Program of Study,” todrive your comments.

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