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Ok folks, let’s answer the age old question: If it’s legal, is it ethical? As senior management, should we care? Economist Milton Friedman once said: “. There is one and only one social responsi

There is one and only one social responsibility of business–to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition without deception or fraud.”
Friedman didn’t even believe in charitable contributions by organizations, let alone ethical sourcing, etc.
What say you?

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For the term paper, you are required to pick a current economic topic that relates

For the term paper, you are required to pick a current economic topic that relates to the material we have covered or will cover in this course. You will research and find an article that covers the topic you have chosen. You can use an article online or offline from any reputable source. You will write up a review of the article and integrate course concepts into your review. Please make sure you both summarize the article and discuss how it relates to the course.

math question 2 questions must have all work

“Every month the lab teeters between a profit and a loss. Are we going to have to increase our lab fees again?”
“We can’t,” replied Lois Ankers, the controller. “We’re getting lots of complaints about the last increase, particularly from the insurance companies and governmental health units. They’re now paying only about 80% of what we bill. I’m beginning to think the problem is on the cost side.”
To determine if lab costs are in line with other hospitals, Mr. Warren has asked you to evaluate the costs for the past month. Ms. Ankers has provided you with the following information:
Two basic types of tests are performed in the lab—smears and blood tests. During the past month, 2,700 smears and 900 blood tests were performed in the lab.
Small glass plates are used in both types of tests. During the past month, the hospital purchased 16,000 plates at a cost of $38,400. This cost is net of a 4% purchase discount. A total of 2,000 of these plates were unused at the end of the month; no plates were on hand at the beginning of the month.
During the past month, 1,800 hours of labor time were used in performing smears and blood tests. The cost of this labor time was $18,450.
The lab’s variable overhead cost last month totaled $11,700.
Cottonwood Hospital has never used standard costs. By searching industry literature, however, you have determined the following nationwide averages for hospital labs:
Three plates are required per lab test. These plates cost $2.50 each and are disposed of after the test is completed.
Each smear should require 0.3 hours to complete, and each blood test should require 0.6 hours to complete. The average cost of this lab time is $12 per hour.
Overhead cost is based on direct labor-hours. The average rate of variable overhead is $6 per hour.
Page 482
Compute the materials price variance for the plates purchased last month, and compute a materials quantity variance for the plates used last month.
For labor cost in the lab:
Compute a labor rate variance and a labor efficiency variance.
In most hospitals, three-fourths of the workers in the lab are certified technicians and one-fourth are assistants. In an effort to reduce costs, Cottonwood Hospital employs only one-half certified technicians and one-half assistants. Would you recommend that this policy be continued? Explain.
Compute the variable overhead rate and efficiency variances. Is there any relation between the variable overhead efficiency variance and the labor efficiency variance? Explain.
PROBLEM 11–12 Basic Variance Analysis; the Impact of Variances on Unit Costs [LO 11–1, LO 11–2, LO 11–3]?
Landers Company manufactures a number of products. The standards relating to one of these products are shown below, along with actual cost data for May.
Page 483
The production superintendent was pleased when he saw this report and commented: “This $0.40 excess cost is well within the 2% limit management has set for acceptable variances. It’s obvious that there’s not much to worry about with this product.”
Actual production for the month was 12,000 units. Variable overhead cost is assigned to products on the basis of direct labor-hours. There were no beginning or ending inventories of materials.
Compute the following variances for May:
Materials price and quantity variances.
Labor rate and efficiency variances.
Variable overhead rate and efficiency variances.
How much of the $0.40 excess unit cost is traceable to each of the variances computed in (1) above.
How much of the $0.40 excess unit cost is traceable to apparent inefficient use of labor time?
Do you agree that the excess unit cost is not of concern?

Object Oriented Application Development I: ITSD322 – 1304B – 01

Recursion and loop structures allow programs to repeat actions without duplicating code.
This console application focuses on your understanding of object oriented programming, control structures, and arrays.
Create an application that manipulates a billboard sign. Use the following guidelines:
The program must include a Billboard class (separate from the main program class) that is capable of storing the text to display.The class must include data fieldsThe Billboard class must include methods to manipulate the text (get, set, reverse, replace substring) as well as the capability to check the text (eg. test if the text is empty).The Billboard includes a list of predefined messages that can be set as the message in the billboard.The set method allows user to select a predefined message. Also, user can create his messageAdd one extra method that can be used for the BillboardThe main program must create an object of Billboard class.The main program must include a menu to allow a user to select a function of the Billboard object.The application must exit upon user request.For this project, do the following:
Create an application that manipulates a billboard sign based on the above guidelines.Use comments in your code to demonstrate your understanding of each statement.Make sure the program runs correctly before submission.Zip all the files in your project to a file named yourname_Unit 4 IP

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