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Indicate the necessity of each covenant and the likelihood that default will be prevented. Suggest whether or not you agree or disagree with lenders using the covenant approach for protection. Provide a rationale for your position. 
Create an alternative strategy for lenders to use to protect themselves for loan default.  Indicate how this approach would be more desirable than debt covenants. Provide support for your strategy.

Logo, visiting card and letter pad design

org – landing page, but website launching soon) who is a property dealers start-up company dealing in mostly land properties and very few housing projects.> Need a professional and attractive logo> Need a business card which will have logo, name, address, email and contact number on it.> (Optional) Will need a letter head pad with the same details as business card on it.Would be great if you guys send some quick samples and will make life easier for me to select a freelancer !Need this to be done in a week.* Only bid if you are experienced logo designers and have a good rating.

Analyzing an Income Statement

Write a one-paragraph analysis of Elf Corporation’s profit performance for the period.  The focus of the analysis involves creating a common sized Income Statement for the three years and relating the parts of the statement to draw conclusions, ultimately to find the causes and effects of Elf’s performance for those three years.  Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings. 
     Elf Corporation Income Statements for the Years Ending December 31

(in millions)








Cost of goods sold




Gross profit




Operating Expenses:







Advertising and marketing




Operating profit




Interest expense




Earnings before tax



$ 70

Tax expense (50%)




Net income

$   65

$   50

$   35

202 ACC

The Home Construction
Division is in the process of building 12 houses and

the Commercial Construction Division is working on 3
projects. Cost items of the company follow.

Company president’s salary

Depreciation on crane used in commercial construction

Depreciation on home office building

Salary of corporate office manager

Wages of workers assigned to a special  construction project

Supplies used by the Commercial Construction Division

Labor on a particular house

Salary of the supervisor of commercial construction projects

Supplies, such as glue and nails, used by the Home
Construction Division

Cost of building permits

Materials used in commercial construction projects

Depreciation on home building equipment (small tools such as
hammers or saws)


 a.  Identify each cost as being a direct or
indirect cost assuming the cost objects are the individual products (houses or

 b. Identify each cost
as being a direct or indirect cost, assuming the cost objects are the two


 c. Identify each cost
as being a direct or indirect cost assuming the cost object is Jeelani 

Use Inference and Extrapolation to Answer Questions about a Social Sciences Tex

(1991). In The Reader’s Companion
to American History. Retrieved from Credo Reference Database.

nourished by these changes permeated the executive and legislative branches of
the federal government throughout the nineteenth century, peaking in the
scandals that rocked the Grant administration in the mid-1870s. What most
aroused concern, though, was corruption identified with municipal and state
governments—focal points of business pressure for concessions and privileges,
and nurseries of the great nineteenth-century political machines. Its
characteristic form, pioneered by New York’s Tammany Hall, was a web of
understandings between party leaders, officeholders, and businessmen willing to
cut corners. In return for getting out the vote, the machine received exclusive
control of government appointments and programs—the spoils of office. Its
placemen returned a fixed percentage of their salaries to the organization,
along with a cut of whatever bribes, kickbacks, and the like they could devise.
The resulting stream of “boodle” (a lush new vocabulary of corruption was being
created, too) then passed down to county and district leaders, ward heelers,
and precinct captains. They completed the cycle by distributing the gifts and
favors that ensured voter loyalty to the organization on election day.

Instructions: In a separate
document, answer each of the following questions based on the above provided
text. For each question, identify the most correct answer and provide a brief
explanation (1-3 sentences) of why it is the most correct.

1.  According
to this passage, the area of political corruption of most concern in the late
19th Century was:

a.  The
extent of corrupting business influences within the Grant Administration of the

b.  Insidious
networks of understandings developed by local and state political machines
between business and party leaders and officials.

c.  The
bribery of officials elected to federal office by local governmental political

d.  The
equitable distribution of “boodle” between party officials, government
appointees, and other officials.

2.  It
can be inferred from this passage that groups such as Tammany Hall:

a.  Were
highly organized and effective organizations devoted to developing and
maintaining political power for their operators.

b.  Devoted
themselves to the betterment of their constituencies through whatever means

c.  Could
never have been successful without the increases in corruption at the level of
the federal government as exhibited within the Grant Administration.

d.  Were
ultimately ineffectual in maintaining a political hold over their various

3.  Based
on this passage, it would be most correct to say:

a.  The
executive branch of the 19th Century lacked the will, political or
otherwise, to deal with issues of corruption at the local and state levels.

b.  The
leaders of the local business communities were the true driving forces behind
Tammany Hall.

c.  Many
members of a political machine paid into the system, which was used to maintain
and expand its hold on power.

d.  The
political machines were a mechanism created to redistribute an excess of wealth
held by the industrial barons of the 19th Century.

4.  Based
on this passage, political corruption:

a.  By
the mid-1870’s, it could be found at alarming levels throughout all areas of
government: local, state, and federal.

b.  Was
only problematic in certain, confined regions and sectors, in particular New
York and Washington, D.C.

c.  Served
to benefit large portions of the population who had been previously
disenfranchised by the government.

d.  In
the 19th Century it eventually collapsed under the weight of its own

5.  “Boodle”
was the result of what?

a.  Party
loyalists contributing to a specific party to aid them in their election bid.

b.  Members
of the federal legislature providing kickbacks to their local party officials.

c.  Bribes
paid by businessmen looking for political favors from local officials or other
members of the political machine.

d.  Members
of the machine returning a portion of governmental salaries, kickbacks, bribes,
and any other income earned as a result of their appointed position.

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