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Personal Statement

Paper details Personal statement for UM MSN, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program.
Who I am:
I am 39 y/o. I was born in Cuba and arrived in the United States when I was 20. I’ve been a nurse since 2011. I am a single and proud mother of three children. I have thought them by example that hard work and educational advancement is a way to succeed. I chose a healthcare profession because I have a calling for helping people who are ill. By advancing my education I will feel equipped with the right knowledge to provide effective care.
I work with in a critical care setting with a high level of responsibility and commitment, not only for the patients , but also for their families. I as well as those who know me closely consider me a smart, caring and responsible person. Through my professional advancement and performance, I like to serve as an example for my children, my peers, and even those that do not know me well yet

Case Study: Mr. C.

Paper details Demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the pathophysiological processes of disease an d how Bariatric surgery can benefit Mr. C improving his quality of life and improve all his labs thru bariatric surgery and weight loss. The benefits of of the bariatric surgery and the lifestyle change resulting in improved quality of life thru health care and the surgery. Please address the how this will drastically improve Mr. C’s lab work and overall health. Thank you

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