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Project Management

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The learner’s project plan may be large and complex. The purpose of
the project plan is to meet the needs of the organization by
accomplishing the task. Some organizations use the phrase, “setting the
objectives,” while others may say, “defining the scope of the project.”
Your Key Assignment includes using the parts of project management
planning from Weeks 1–3 and applying to the following scenario.

Project Situation:

You are the project manager for the project you selected and
identified in the prior assignments. In constructing a WBS in Phase 2
IP, you identified the deliverables, and you also identified the
activities and their durations necessary to produce those deliverables.
In Phase 3 you identified the skill sets necessary to do the work of the
activities. Using your Microsoft Project software, enter your
deliverables and the activities necessary to create those deliverables.
Indent your activities under the deliverables so the deliverables appear
as summary tasks. Enter the durations of the activities, and use
predecessor relationships to sequence your activities.

Enter your resources that have the necessary skill sets in Microsoft
Project, and then assign your resources to the activities to produce the
cost estimates.

Your Microsoft Project software should include the following:

Tasks to complete deliverables
Estimated task durations based on available resources
Planned start dates (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks)
Planned completion dates (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence
tasks)Planned Milestones (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence
Individual(s) or department(s) assigned to complete the work of
tasks to produce deliverables (use the Resource Sheet view to list
resources, and then use Assign Resources tool in the Gantt chart view to
assign resources to tasks)
Estimated project completion date based on use of Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks
Add the organizational chart that you developed.

I have an online psychology exam I have to do by 26 June between 0800-1200. Can someone assist me in completing this? I am trying to score at least a 90% on it.

Can someone assist me in completing this? I am trying to score at least a 90% on it.


Assume that Banc One receives a primary deposit
of $1 million. The bank must keep reserves of 20 percent against its deposits. Prepare
a simple balance sheet of assets and liabilities for Banc One immediately after
the deposit is received.

Assume a financial system has a monetary base of
$25 million. The required reserve ratio is 10 percent, and there are no
leakages in the systems.

What is the size of the money multiplier?

What will be the system’s money supply?

Rework Problem 6 assuming the reserve ratio is
14 percent?

Three years ago the U.S. dollar equivalent of a foreign
currency was $1,2167. Today, the U.S. dollar equivalent of a foreign currency
is $1,3310. Determine the percentage change of the euro between those two dates.

If the U.S. dollar value of a British Pound is
$1.95 and a euro is $1.55, calculate the implied value of a euro in terms of a
British Pound.

Assume that last year the Australian dollar was
trading at $. 557, the Mexican peso at $. 1102, and the United Kingdom (British)
pound was worth $1.4233. By this year the U.S. dollar value of an Australian
dollar was $. 7056, the Mexican peso was $. 0867, and the British pound was $1.8203.
Calculate the percentage appreciation or depreciation of each of these three currencies
between last year and this year.

Hello. The prompt for this essay is attached. There you will find a couple of options that were given

Hello. The prompt for this essay is attached. There you will find a couple of options that were given to us by the professor. We can of course choose anything on the list except for options A and D because we need the use of the class textbook to complete it.

Thank you. My choice would be the letter C.

Human Resource homework

 Identify one finding from research about the acquisition of expert and exceptional performance. Briefly describe one practical application of the finding you cite for HRD in organizational settings. a
2. From cognitive psychology (and John Anderson, in particular), the focus on what the learner is to do is called: a. organizational strategies b. rehearsal strategies c. procedural knowledge d. declarative knowledge
3. Conducting an eight-hour training program in four sessions of two hours each over a period of four days is an example of: a. overlearning b. active pratice c. massed practice d. spaced practice
4. Describing the learning goal, analyzing the initial state of the learner, finding out what will let the learner learn, and monitoring and assessing progress are part of what field of learning? a. social psychology b. psychoanalytic psychology c. organizational behavior d. instructional

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