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Question and Answer Final Exam

Paper details You will have 3 questions to complete. Each question should be submitted in a typed, double-spaced format, preferably in an MS Word document. Think of each answer as a short paper that is 250 to 500 words in length (1 to 2 pages). Each answered question is worth up to 25 points. You may use any source available to you. However, all answers can be done utilizing your textbook and/or the PowerPoints provided. Good luck. DO NOT USE Lumenlearning or due to the information is only partially correct, using these resources will result in penalizing some of your points. So please DO NOT USE. The following questions that need to be answered are, 1. Outline the basic concepts in family sociology. Please include marriage partnerships as well as the patterns of residence. 2. Please explain the social patterning of health and illness in the United States. 3. Please outline the different kinds of organized religion. What are the characteristics of these groups? Please discuss New Religious Movements.

answer the following discussion question.

Paper details Is the American Criminal Justice System racist? Why or why not?

This is a discussion post that is OPINIONATED. Please try to limit outside sources. And it does not need to be a page, it can be a paragraph. Use simple language. I am in introduction to criminal justice by Kubrin and Stucky.

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