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Paper details Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.
If you were to write a persuasive argument paper on the topic, which side of the controversy would you pick? I AM CHOOSING AGAINST BECAUSE I FEEL IT LOSES PATIENT-PHYSICIAN RELATIONSHIP. NURSE-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP.
You can’t always count on AI to do the work in healthcare. PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE.

2. Fine 3 credible sources that support your position.
You are going to create an APA citation for each of the sources. AND select a quote from each of the source with an APA in-text citation for each.

3. Why is each of your sources credible? Be Specific
Please use a scholarly or peer reviewed articles. You can also use an org. or a gov.

APA Documentation Style

Paper details Purpose: This assignment will give you practice with APA (American Psychological Association) documentation style, a system used in the social and natural sciences as well as medical fields to acknowledge the sources that you borrow from when you do research to help you write a paper.


This assignment has two parts.

Part 1: References

Type an APA References page for the 5 sources you used in Assignment 5. Remember to alphabetize.
Be as careful and detail-oriented as possible.

Part 2: Quoting and Paraphrasing

Choose any three of your five sources and produce one quotation and one paraphrase from each. This will be a total of three quotations and three paraphrases.
As is done in the workbook examples, present the quotation, then a paraphrase of the same material you quoted, and then the References entry that corresponds.
Make sure that you have used proper phrases of attribution and/or parenthetical material.
Make sure that you have not plagiarized.

Make sure that you have followed the guidelines for this assignment:


Part 1: References

The student’s References page includes 5 entries: 3 from the back of the Writing Center book and 2 that the student has found on their own.
The entries are in alphabetical order and have “hanging” indents.
Each entry is properly formatted with no more than 2 errors.
The student has provided links to the 2 sources that they have found.
Part 2: Quoting and Paraphrasing

The student has quoted and paraphrased from 3 different sources.
The student has used correct APA in-text citation format:
In each citation, the student has given the author’s name (or article title if there is no author), followed by the year of publication, in either a phrase of attribution or parenthetically.
The student’s 3 quotations are accurate, and the borrowed words are enclosed in quotation marks.
The student’s 3 paraphrases are accurate and written in his/her own words.
The student has included parenthetical page citations where necessary.
The student has brought copies of any cited sources that are not in this book.

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