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Reflection essay

Paper details In this essay, you will reflect on the causes and consequences of prejudice, and apply the theories and strategies of conflict resolution to a fictional situation.

Respond to the following statement:
“All those women on welfare have it made. All they do is stay home and make babies while the rest of us have to work and pay taxes to support them.”

Reflect on this statement in the context of what we have learned about prejudice.
Propose strategies that could resolve this particular prejudice.

PLEASE INCLUDE CITATIONS, no need for a cover page or abstract.

While some differences between Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky are evident, they are similar in the aspects of sense of adventure, conflicts/trials faced, and relationships with others.

Paper details This week, you will be writing and submitting your literary analysis essay. Be sure that you have reviewed your instructor’s feedback on the outline you prepared in Week 2 and have made changes to your outline accordingly.

Assignment Requirements

Using your outline as a reference, write (and revise) your essay. Your essay must be at least 1,000 words in length (do not count the title page or references page in your word count). Format your draft in APA style (see instructions above) and include the following elements:

Title page,
Introduction and thesis statement,
Three fully developed body paragraphs with properly integrated and cited supporting quotes,
Conclusion, and
References page

Also, just a side note my teacher said this about my essay outline:

Good start. Many valid points made in your Outline. Write well-defined topics and details that support your thesis. Provide in-depth evidence in your details. For example, for first topic, why did characters’ similar sense of adventure define the consequences of their metaphorical and literal journeys through life, as implied in your details? Revise all topics and supporting details. Do not explain similar aspects; instead, prove how aspects defined characters’ impulses, convictions, etc. Give more expansive views of characters’ makeup in your topics and details. By doing in-depth analysis of the characters’ traits and actions you will provide relevant evidence in support of your claim.

Grade points

Introduction Thesis 25/100

Body paragraph 1 15/100

Body paragraph 2 15/100

Body paragraph 3 20/100

Conclusion 10/100

TOTAL 85/100

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