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Research Critique On Medication Administration

For this individual paper, you are to use the two provided articles and write a critique. Each of these critical elements in the rubric must be described in a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs that compare the research elements of the quantitative and qualitative articles. Youmust write the paper in APA style formatting. The rubric below will be used to grade this assignment. Use the critical elements as headings for your paper. This paper should be no more than four pages written text (excluding title page and reference page). The paper should be written in double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. All citations and references will be formatted according to currentAPA guidelines. The paper should include all critical elements used as headings.

World religions and new religions

Paper details Now that you are ending your travels with Religious News, you decide to write a two-page academic paper that showcases
your newfound perspective on world religions and new religions. For this research paper you will:
– create a cover page (not included in total page count),
– explore conflict between religion and science,
– evaluate the importance of interfaith dialogue,
– explain some of the characteristics of New Age spiritualty, and
– explain the three traditional types of change in religion.

Your research paper must include at least two sources with proper in-text citations and a reference page that does not
count towards the final page total.

Remember to follow APA formatting and guidelines and to review the rubric before submittal.

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